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  1. Whilst I can't say any of my crosses were deliberate I have been considering crossing to select traits, now I was wondering how to choose the sex of the plants.

    For instance if I have a strain I liked and wanted to cross it with a hashplant to increase crystals does it matter which strain is male and which is female, I would assume if I wanted the majority of traits from one plant i would use that female, is this correct?
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  3. This is a pretty informative article, especially the part about genes and heredity.
    This statement sums things up pretty well, but I'd suggest reading the rest of the article for more in depth info. "Plants inherit characteristics from their parents in the same way that animals do."

    Basically just like with people, the offspring will get a mixture of each parents genes, and neither gender will be for sure the dominant in the outcome. BUT there are certain traits that can be dominant, just like having brown eyes is dominant over blue and green eyes. So you can pick strains that have dominant features that you'd like to pass on.
  4. there is no determined "males pass on XYZ traits, females pass on ABC" etc. There are some outstanding sexes of certain plants when it comes to breeding, examples: DJ shorts blueberry males make good crosses for flavor and smell, Mr Nice blackwidow/whitewidow pass on potency and structure well, and other examples of poor traits passed on through sexes like the LA affie mom who really stays about the same no matter who she is crossed to (slow veg, structure, effect). Those are some common knowledge individual sex traits.

    It is more reliant on the individual you are breeding with though. Some strains have dominant traits, and hidden recessives, etc. In MJMAMA's link it is under the "heredity" section. Good begining understanding of plant breeding. How to isolate recessive genes, and pass them on is the next step..

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