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    First off I don't smoke very often and wouldn't consider myself a stoner. But I got this stuff called trainwreck the other day. It smells incredibly strong and the bud seemed kinda fluffy/dense (dunno if that makes sense) But when I broke it up, it broke into round little pellets. Well I smoked it for the first time out of my pipe (no screen) and after 2-3 hits I was totaly baked. I coughed my ass off! The high lasted for hours and left me on my ass lol. Im really suprised and how potent this stuff is. It seemed to burn really fast though, but im not sure if thats just cause I dont have a screen. Just thought i'd share. Anyone else familiar with trainwreck?
  2. You don't know how to spell cough?
  3. I've always wanted to try it. I've heard good things about it
  4. I think you ment "coughed", and not having a screen increases the chances of the bud falling though the hole as you inhale, thats what might have happend..But Trainwreck is a very good strain :smoke:

    P.S. After you smoked this, never operate a train or else you will wreck it...hahaha I crack my self up sometimes...ahh man
  5. got mixed up with couff, like handcouffed and bad.
  6. Yeah I felt some peices go down my throat. How much are glass screens? But man...I was so high, thats all I can really say.
  7. Glass screens are different prices everywhere im assuming, but go to a local Headshop/smokeshop and see if they have any that would fit your pipe. The glass screens I buy are usually like a dollar I think, I wouldn't recommend getting any metal screens though.
  8. *handcuffed
  9. being the newbie, i broke it up a lot with my hands and after reading on here that you lose THC that way..kinda pissed.
  10. It really wont make that much of a difference lol

    But yeah trainwreck is hella good, it's pretty popular

  11. wait..what the fuck is handcouffed..wait..what...handcuff?
  12. traveled a ways from my home one time, picked up a zip of some purple trainwreck. the scent was enchanting, i loved it. the high was also amazing - best bud i've smoked so far.. picking up some AK this weekend though!
  13. Hahah man. You're faded.

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