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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 420Hazo, May 30, 2009.

  1. I first put this in the toking tools, but thought it would fit better here.

    here is me smoking and showing nugshots in the middle.

    [ame=]YouTube - Trainwreck Bonghits (Bong Hits #2)[/ame]
  2. Dude, have you had any of the Trainwreck bubble hash yet? Its fucking incredible

    edit: I dont know where your from but theres been an assload of bubble around here it seems.
  3. like the bong you got there man. pretty sweet, how much that set you back?
  4. that nug in your video looks dank as shit,good stuff.:smoke:

  5. what you mean how much it set me back?
    if your talking about cost it was 45.

    And to Headway, no i never had it but it sounds fkn delicious
  6. Great rips and great bud.
  7. Just watching you take those rips gives me a boner
  8. im glad to hear that, in a non sexual way that is.

    but that the video is actually good :)

    more viewers, subscribers to my channel would boost my morale too :p
  9. I just got some trainwreck today, and now I just realized its 9, I did not know that
  10. damb. look at the size of those calyxes. yep, that's the wreck.

    I like your little pipe too.

  11. trainwreck is so damnnnnnn good yo, make a video while your smoking it lol. jk, toke it up
  12. Great video all around.

    Awesome bic, too.

  13. calyxes?

    Thanks man, i just wish youtube wouldn't be gay about the music, it originally had Still D.R.E but i couldn't use it :/

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