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Trainwreck :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FFB, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hello GC,
    I've been lurking around for about a month now and decided it was time to post a picture of some of the bud i've had the privilege to pick up. It's trainwreck me and 3 friends split an O for $400, i know a bit pricey but o well you pay for what you get lol.

    And here's the pictures




    Hope you all like :hello:
  2. yuuuummmmmmm, that looks so fresh.
  3. trainwreck is my fav
  4. very nice, just enjoyed some this weekend myself.

    good shit
  5. nice pics ++ rep :smoking::smoking:
  6. i would pay 400 for an O of that no problem. AWESOME buds man. have fun with that :cool:
  7. i love that trainwreck high. so clear
  8. Trainwreck is beautiful weed. Smells amazing and give such a pleasant high. I have a friend who gets his stuff online (dunno how) and he's been getting alot of trainwreck lately!
  9. looks bombbb
  10. Save me some!!! No 4 real that shit is delicious looking :eek:
  11. Nice bud, hope you're enjoying that.
  12. I just lost it in my pants...Twice. Ever tried planewreck? That shit fucked me up something fierce
  13. Thanks for all the positive reviews, that was the stuff from about a week ago this last friday. The bud was so nice that we had to go back for more this weekend. Hopefully i can upload some more pics when i get my friend to take them for more lol.

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