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Trainwreck pickup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by trainwreckpa, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. amazing shit..knocked me out as it is my favorite bud ive ever smoked! 10/10.

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  2. SICK!!!! Those nugs are so frosty, great pickup!!!
  3. damnn i had some trainwreck a while backk.
    its one of my faves.
    yours looks a little dark on the green.. mine was pretty green nd had this strong distinct smell to it. kind of sour but a strong chronic smell too.
  4. when i had it it was light green and fluffy.the smoke seemed harsh as fuck if you smoked in a bong though.
  5. I've never smoked trainwreck- but have several friends that have had some out of Cali. One of my smoking buddies has a cousin that lives out there. Every now and again he sends or brings 'care packages'. ;D How's the high from this stuff?
  6. wouldn't mind dangling that chron
  7. I love trainwreck highs...
    you dont gt tired or anything but once you hit it thats when your high kicks in all at once. its pretty intense at time but i love it..
    the coughing part if yourr nott really used to tokin dank budz dontt hit it too hard cause that shit will choke the shit out of youu ahha..
    But thee bud it self i give it a 10/10 also..
    Best high i get off bud is from trainwreck.
    If your on the eastcoast trainwreck is buddah.
  8. :eek: Those are some amazing buds.
  9. Yo FISH hit me up I Want to pick up some of that.

    i'll call you later man.


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