trainwreck outdoor-seed started in ground now 7ft

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  1. This trainwreck plant was a trip. Our friend dumped some compost in the backyard to make the soil better (we live where all soil is hardpan). A couple months later we discover 2 plants growing from the place where the compost was dumped. One ended up male and this is the other one.

    - no nutrients until 2 weeks ago -

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  2. Hell yea that things lookin nice! Cant get any easier than that
  3. huge, thats incredible/
  4. Thank you!! Me and my boyfriend doubt ourselves often so good feedbacks great!

  5. i dont think u should doubt any living plant that is 7feet tall, she'll likely kick you ass :hippie:
  6. what part of the country are u from?
  7. Doubt yourselves often? The only thing you have to fear is someone coming along and cutting that bad-ass girl down and using it as a Christmas tree! Its amazing!
  8. beautiful! x-mas is coming early with that tree :) what are u feeding her?
  9. Just Tiger Bloom by FoxFarm and SuperThrive but it wasnt given to her until like 3 weeks ago
  10. try to get a better pic not sideways? please? k thanks.
  11. Picture updates- getting hella resin glans ;)

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    Nice plant. I see deep red main stems though. Give her a heavy shot of veg ferts.

    Did you guys plant the seeds and forget about it?
  13. No what happened was our friend who makes hash had compost left over after he ran everything and dumped it into the ground to make the soil better.. their just happened to be two good seeds in the compost. When they wanted to sprout they sprouted lol. We didnt know they were their til they were 1 ft tall
  14. oh yes very amazing look girl u got i might suggest sum Liquid Karma Very good Growth Stimulant would do wonders for her and super thrive is very good stuff i use it as well. but cant wait to see how she looks come finishing time what part of cail u in i got a link to my outdoor grow in my sig. check it out im most deff going to follow urs
  15. Northern california and i have SuperThrive and the nutrients i use are:
    Grow Big- foxfarm
    Big Bloom- foxfarm
    Tiger Bloom- foxfarm
    FloraKleen- general hydro.

  16. +rep for beautiful budding!
  17. Kudos i hear very good things about FoxFarms products
  18. I hear people talk a lot of shit but i hope it works

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