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Trainwreck Macros

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Electus Unus, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. #1 Electus Unus, Sep 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2009
    Just a little nug of the last bit of my Trainwreck. (just got a new camera so i'm testing out the macro mode*any tips*) my buddy grew it outdoors and i must say it was very successful. dankest weed I've ever tried. enjoy the pics :D

  2. nice looking bud there, pictures are good too. what kind of camera?
  3. That looks delicious
  4. bump, anyone?
  5. looks nice man, not in the UK are you? seems to be an abundance of trainwreck about at the moment.
  6. nah, im in the States, Florida actually
  7. thats correct
  8. I would buy more off him that looks..amazing. Good god, probably can get a good price for being a buddy?
  9. a little leafy but nonetheless, nice
  10. verry good actually, $10 a gram which is dynamite compared to the people that sell $20 a gram, or even $15 a gram

    but yeah, $35 an eighth with the friend treatment. i smoke with him and drink all the time so we're pretty close.
  11. mmmmm enjoy that man looks amazing :smoking::)
  12. enjoy it, looks so tasty :smoking:
  13. Nice man I had 3g of pure TW a few days ago.
  14. yeah i started with 3gs as well... now its gone, gonna grab a quarter tomorrow. should last a week or so. unless some moochers come over:D but there gonna have to match:cool:
  15. cough cough cough bump
  16. that looks like the bud i get
  17. oh lord that is some pretty leaf..
  18. That looks good.
    And not looking for a hookup, but what area?
    I'm in the Tampa area, and the dank I got a few days ago was :bleh:
  19. Some stuff I would do to improve the quality of the pics if lighting first and foremost. Try to get as white of light as possible and direct it from above. Flash works great as long as you're far enough away. Also to improve clarity, sit the camera on a flat surface and set the timer to negate any movement of the lens. The white paper is good or you could usea dull black surface beneath and behind it to give it some contrast.

    I improved the lighting of your images in photoshop and sharpened them a little to make the trichomes pop more.

    I can't help much with the camera but I hope these tips work for ya.


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