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Trainwreck good or bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allend10289, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. How are the effects of trainwreck, is the high great or too much and not so great?
  2. I have heard that Trainwreck is a mindfuck. I want to add some to my garden.

  3. Trainwreck is my favorite kind of bud. I recently got a bag of Trainwreck No. A Lemon. Well worth it, like eating lemon heads, and a great nice high.
  4. So is it a good fukin high or too extreme that its not a good high?
  5. what kind of question is this? its all preference... trainwreck is bad ass.
  6. I thought the high was great last time I had trainwrecks. Thats just me though, i like a good sativa high
  7. trainwreck is one of my favs. itd be a shame to pass it up. its a real creeper tho... just a fair warning :)

    gives a great high this has been a very popular strain for a very long time
  8. I'm always leaving with a good feeling after i bought/smoked Trainwreck, it's good weed, even more then that, usually it fuckes me up!:cool:
  9. I just got some organic Trainwreck straight from Humboldt County, it's my first time using trainwreck but I can honestly say it's great. The first thing I noticed about it is it's extremely unique and potent smell, almost minty, but very skunky. The high is definitely a creeper. For me after one bong rip I was high, but not as high as I thought it would get me, about 10 minutes later the high just hit me and put me on my ass, it's definitely a great strain and even though the high can kick your ass it's still a very enjoyable head high. The taste also is also very unique, and stays in your mouth for a while if you don't eat anything. Stay High.
  10. I agree, Trainwreck is definitely a creeper high for me to. I just took 2 darvocets and smoked a .4 joint of Trainwreck on the beach for my wisdom tooth pain.
  11. yea trainwreck is def a creeper, but it is some good bud none the less.

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