TrainWreck Day 57 - mildew strikes

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by fiaburn, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Alright, so mildew has been kicking my ass with one strain I have. The trainwreck strain that must be prone to mildew. This is my thirds round with this strain. Originally bought clones, now on third generation, mildew has always been an issue. None of my other strains pick it up, just the trainwreck, ultimatley then some of the other ones will get it. I'll sprayed them in week 3, all was good until about day 50 for the TW and my chocolopes( day 45 for the others in there).

    So now I am at day 57 and was thinking about throwing them into the 72h darkness phase. Is it too early? I harvested at day 56 last time, due to some lighting issues, got a good uppie high.

    Question is, if I leave for 6 more days without doing anything about the mildew how F'd am I?

    My take is get them off and trim that shit out ASAP, but would like some others G's opinions.

    Side note: after my next set finishes in 6 weeks, I'm done with this beloved strain.
  2. If it were me id probably trim out the infected areas and try and remove any humidity. Maybe add a fan. And let them go a few more days. Day 60 or 62 would be nice with that strain or any for that matter.

    Let us know how it goes :)
  3. My humidity is low as it is. Sitting at about 24-32%, temps are hovering around 82 with lights on, 72-76 with them off. I'm all for that, but I will have to man handle the colas, thats what I am worried about.
  4. Either way though your going to have to man handle them to remove the infected area. You probably wont gain much more weight after you manicure them but atleast you could increase the potency of what you have left by letting them go a few more days. Lift your lights up a bit for the last couple days to cool them off a tad and keep a close eye on them.
  5. Oh, and trich's are about 80% cloudy, 20% amber.
  6. yea id let em go a few more days....but that's just me.
  7. I'll give it a shot. Will keep an eye on it so it doesn't affect the others in there.

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