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  1. I haven't done a journal in a while and I think its about time. I have made some upgrades to the room and still have a few more to go. I have added a 600w switchable to sit along side my 400w hps, I added two more rumple buckets with two more plants to put me at 4 plants total and I added a 4in fan and carbon scrubber combo [ a neccasity with the trainwreck ].My next plan is to cover the room in mylar and hopefully that will be done by next week. So that puts me at

    1- 400w hps
    1- 600w switchable
    4- rumple buckets
    3- trainwreck clones
    1- bluetooth clone
    running GH nutes on the lucas formula

    Some pics of veg day #1

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  2. im definitely gonna watch this one. is bluetooth, sweet tooth x blueberry?
  3. What up kindbuds I.m in A2 too bro. Yea the bluetooth is a sweetooth blueberry cross I have never smoked it but a friend gave me the clone so I figured why not, I read that it is finished in less than 50 days
  4. Whats up man? nice to see a good hydro setup around here. are you a card holder? i just applied for mine so hopefully soon ill be all set to grow. im gonna do a 12 rumplebucket recirculating system and ill probably use GH nutes as well, so im very interested in watching your grow. im probably gonna start with Reserva Privada O.G. Kush, BOG SourBubble BX3, and mendo purps. if those dont come in time ill be starting with purple kush and stella blue seeds.
    that bluetooth sounds like it would be a nice cross... and 50 days is amazing. ill definitely be checking back
  5. Not a cardholder yet but I am going to get my medical records and try that place in Jackson, if they don't approve you they refund your $200 on the spot. I ordered my RP og kush # 18 last week and hope to see them any day now, that will be my next run I keep hearing how funky that #18 is. The trainwreck is pretty funky too have you tried it?

  6. i went through, i put in my pre-authorization forms online then the next day they called me. thats pretty cool about the refund, but im under the impression that its pretty rare that they will turn you away if you have anything that even remotely fits the criteria.

    i almost ordered the #18 because i too have heard great things, but i decided that i really wanted the classic OG for this run, plus it just looks insane to me.

    yeah i love trainwreck, but i havent seen it around here in a long time. if you ever have too many clones on hand, dont hesitate to call me lol. have you seen any of these plants grown out before?
  7. Yea I ran the TW last and have a few jars to hold me through. I got my 600w cool tube via fed ex today and I cant wait to hook it up, only 1 thing missing, the fucking ballast wasn't in the box. I emailed those bastards but haven't heard back yet. The original delevery took a week to get to my house from cali and it will probably take another week to get the ballast. Damn

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  8. dude we should blaze down on some mad blunts of trainwreck and strawberry cough. ive got a couple zips of that left. what has the TW been yielding for you?

    that seriously blows about the ballast not being in there. at least its still the beginning of the grow. hopefully they make it right for ya. out of curiosity, did you find that online lights were cheaper than going to a local hydro store? i was gonna go to the one in jackson to get all of my equipment.
  9. No thanks, no offense but I don't know you from a cop. The TW has only been yeilding 3-4 z's under the 400w but I think I should have vegged longer, root mass was fucking small. Those cocksuckers apologized and said their resending ballast today but they also said they would email me the tracking info and I haven't seen that yet either. As far as the lights go online has always been the best price for me. I try to keep my money local but every penny counts you know. Youve got three hydro stores in your back yard no need to drive to Jackson.
  10. Got those OG # 18 to my door in seven days from ordering them from the single seed center, not bad. The seeds look small and underdevoloped to my untrained eye, but I put one in paper towel and it popped in less than 24 hrs.Can't wait to see if the # 18 lives up to the hype.

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  11. Nice setup bro! +rep I love me some trainwreck! Just hearing about it brings back memories of my time living in Humboldt years ago... Good times. I will be following this grow for sure. Peace!
  12. Killer set up bro. I'm subbed! Gotta love the trainwreck.
  13. Thanks Doc, I've been watchin your grow for a little while now I am gonna run that OG # 18 next and pretty excited.I tried the trainwreck for the first time only a about a year ago and loved it. It has such a strong and distinct smell and taste.Thanks for checking me out.
  14. Thanks K.O.G. hopefully it will look more like yours someday soon, I'm gettin there.
  15. Veg week # 1 The big plant on the right is the bluetooth and the rest are trainwreck, the bluetooth was alot more devoloped when they went in the net pots only 1 of the trainwrecks had roots showing through the rockwool.Now all but 1 trainwreck has roots dangling in the water and it looks pretty weak. Might have to cull it out if doesn,t catch up real soon. I know I know get some fuckin mylar already will.

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  16. Finally put a door on the cave, a long time comin. The problem was chiseling out enough rock on either side of the opening to mount my 24'' door flush. But after a couple of nights doing some basement mining I got my door up and I'm feelin good. This thing is gonna be clean and proffesional one day I promise.

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  17. Hell yeah bro! Git er dun! I'm a DIY person myself. that door kicks ass dude. big ups to ya!
  18. Got approved for my medical marijuana card today and feelin pretty damn good about it. plants are startin to fill out too, pics comin soon.

  19. congrats man! as of tomorrow, my 21 days is up so im gonna check out some collectives and try to score some nice clones. post some pics soon, i wanna see how your ladies are comin along
  20. 3 weeks veg and startin to get there, the two on the left are trainwreck and the one on the right is the bluetooth. Probably another week or two before the switch.And a shot of the mothership.

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