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  1. never saw it

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  2. saw it

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  3. saw it, liked it

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  4. saw it, really, lol, really enjoyed it.

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  1. orig. time..! whaddya think?!

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  2. It's a fantastic movie.

    I got really pissed off once, because some truly ignorant people say it glorifies heroin use.....

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

    How does this movie glorify it???? It made it look even shittier and more evil than I thought it was!!!

  3. I own this movie, I love it, and I've watched it a thousand times!!!!!!! It is soon to be a cult classic in my humble opinion!!!!!!!!
  4. Saw it, liked it, but I can only watch it every once in a while.

    Small doses man, small doses.
  5. Well it's official....another good thing to come out of Scotland....unlike the junkies that live here, and very true to life....scaringly true to life in the underworld...(no pun intended, to born slippy)....Peace out....Sid
  6. aw, indeed a killer flick! I saw it last night for about the 30th time. I used to be obsessed with it lol, and the soundtrack! when I used to do the robo trip a lot, way back when Id put that on and just trip out with the lights on (and I had these xmas lights that danced to the beat) whoaaa trippy! lol, but I talk about it to people around here and surprisingly a lot of people never have seen it! I think ewan mcgragor was fucking awesome in this flick!!
  7. never seen it heard good things about it want to see it never got around to watching it though
  8. I like that movie a lot. It shows how bad heroin can screw your life up, but has a happy ending in that the one guy is able to get off of it and start making a life for himself.

    I, too, hate it when ignorant people say stuff about movies like this. A girl tried to bitch at me about requiem for a dream once thinking it glorified drug use. I just refused to have that argument and wouldn't talk to her until she got over it.
  9. ive heard about it, and really wanna see it ..havent gotten around to it yet.

    its about scotland and herion addicts or something right?

    is it really that good a movie?
  10. yeah, but some people struggle get the accent, in some countries, England as well, it had to shown with subtitles......Peace out.........Sid
  11. shit I love the accents.
  12. shows you many of the truths of dope usage, pretty realistically...

    It also shows you the diff paths of many a peoples lifes and how everythings altered...

    Its a horrible drug that feels oh' so good....then sneaks up on you and grabs you, any thing so poweful that your body needs it to function right is no good.
    withdrwals a bitchh...

    great flick, not nearly appriciated enough....
  13. There's a follow up book, but i think they are finding it hard to make a movie of they can't get ewan mcgregor, due to previous commitments, and it just wouldn't be the same without him.........someone told me that he accidently runs into begbie in Amsterdam, and a chase scene or something, similar to the first one..........Peace out.......Sid

    and wang, that's an East coast accent, over here on the west it's even harder to easties allways use the word "Ken".........

    "d'ya ken whit a mean like?"
    "do you know what i mean?"

    it's just weird that they add "like" to the end of sentences, and it's a very addictive accent they have over there, 1 otr 2 weeks in their company, and i start to feel myself talking in an East coast accent...........Peace out..........Sid
  14. Shit, by the end of the movie I have a pretty good copy of that accent going on and I'm american. I've always loved the various accents from the UK.

    Spud is easily the funniest character in that movie.
  16. Never saw it. I've been meaning to since it first came out, but never really got around to it.
  17. Great movie and since i dont remember enough details i know i need to see it again. :)

    ~sick boy kicks ass
  18. its alright, nothin special. if you want a fuckin realistic film on heroin addicts watch STORY OF A JUNKIE. that shit has real life addicts shooting up real heroin
  19. I personally liked it but felt Requiem for a Dream was a better overall addiction film.

    This could be skewed as I'm an extremely bias Connelly fan.
  20. I still cant believe I havent seen this film yet, Its been on my list for a while, and Im still yet to rent it.

    I will make sure its the next film I get out, as everyone gives it great reviews.

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