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  1. Is there any need for topping or LST in hydro grow ?

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  2. It all depends on what your growing conditions are.
    I do it in my tent because of height restrictions and with DWC I automatically lose 12-14 inches because of my buckets, then add your lights and filter and you lose more space.
    Plus you’ll have better light penetration.
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  3. You should always be topping and training.
    I suggest looking over my albums for clarification.
  4. ALWAYS top, train, defoliate, and lollipop. You're welcome.
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    NO EXPURT but I'd think all that above ground stuff might need to be done regardless of what's goin on bellow deck. (underground/water). The same as any other plant. I don't like to say always or never, but kinda agree with the dawg.
  6. Thanks

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