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Training new stoners?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ripasourus-rex, May 11, 2010.

  1. So im one of the more experienced stoner's in my group of friends, and whenever someone new comes around, all of my friends point their fingers at me to introduce them to the weed lifestyle. And honestly I really dont mind, this way I know that this new stoner will be a respectable honest stoner, who knows his way around and will be a fun chill person to smoke with. I was just wondering if any of you are in similar situations like I am, thanks for the feedback, and happy smoking:smoking:
  2. I always try and initiate new stoners into the ways of stoner etiquette as best I can with the time i'm alloted.

    If i see something out of line in the stoner circle i'll definitely call you out on it and make sure you fix it or i'll skip your hit haha :ppp or at least threaten to.
  3. Oh my fucking God this can be such a project, but sometimes fun
  4. The vast majority of people I smoke with for the first time have no respect for stoner etiquette and have no motivation to learn any.
  5. I love smoking with virgin smokers more than someone whos done it a couple times before.
    But every noob smoker:)p) I blow down with knows Im the most experienced in the group, and I simply tell them to smoke as much as you can lmao. I get them so fucking blitzed because in the long run they will thank me:D
    Usually after a couple hits or a blunt, they want to stop.
    I say "you can stop, but I say you continue." And usually they do continue and wind up having body twitches and shit. its hilarious, and than when my high kicks in I start preaching philosophical marijuana stuff.
  6. This is an old thread, and I don't know if anyone will see this, but it has to come out.

    I'll try not to cry...

    I was teaching a new toker the ways of the stoner. He was well on his way, so I decided to "graduate" him by letting hit my mobius pipe, a pipe that hit so smooth I swear to God it was like drinking liquid smoke. He comes over, and I break it up and pack the bowl, and decide to let him hit first, which he does quite successfully.

    Well, we kept packing and hitting bowl after bowl, and he gets so chalked that he starts spazzing. I tell him I think it's time for him to stop, and he wants to keep going, so I let him. And whilst packing the bowl, he drops some bud. No problem, it happens to the best of us, but in an effort to retrieve it, he drops the pipe and then STEPS ON IT, shattering it beyond repair.

    So... no, I no longer train newbies. I can't bring myself to experience that pain again.

    R.I.P. Toby Kief
    April 23rd, 2007-October 19th, 2011.
    You were the best pipe I ever had.
  7. That sucks man
    Similar thing happened to me back in high school.
    I had a friend who was just starting to smoke, and we were blazing in my shed.
    I hadn't cleaned my buster in like 2 months and had spent a good 20 minutes collecting a huge pile of kief from it.
    He picks up my buster to see the crystal I had collected and dropped the entire buster on the floor. Lost all the kief.

  8. Damn. I had an idiot come to my house once and for sum ungodly reason thought my hash was brown sugar, put all that shit on a bagel, and fuckin ATE it.

  9. I just got a text this morning that my friend accidently broke mine that I left over there -.-

  10. It always sucks when someone you trust breaks one of your pieces.

    I've since purchased qnother pipe exactly like Toby, named him Toby Kief Jr.

    I also had a Chaos glass on glass bubbler that I named Billy Bong Thornton. That motherfucker was NICE. But it was my best friend that broke that.

    I was legitimately devastated.
  11. Your pipe is now in weed heaven. Peace.

  12. He's chillin' with Billy and Jah.

    Thanks brother.

  13. Fu k you guys lol you got so fucking off topic lol just dissin new stokers lmfao
  14. It's hard to keep on topic when you're posting wile completely faded. Between that and weed finges, shiiiiiiit.
  15. Fuck the newbies sorry I tried to teach but and it always goes well for a lil but they all become freeloaders.
  16. EXACTLY! All newbies are guilty of greed, and as a teacher, you have to teach them the value of Karma. I've explained numerous times, "don't scorch," "if I smoke you up, hit me back some time later," "don't smoke my shit without asking," etc.

    The way I taught them was by making them buy occasionally to show them how quickly shared bud disappears, and hoping they'll learn exactly how much I gave for their pleasure. If they continue to freeload, I drop them from my "program".
  17. Buy a vape mother phucker.
  18. #18 Ganjaman97, Apr 11, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 11, 2013
    I'll do that the second I have a couple hundred bucks to spare for one that's...y'know, not a piece of shit. :p

    Besides, I've got plenty of pieces.
  19. my bff, first coughed 20$ in weed out a pipe, then on his next attpmpt, managed top preak the slider to a bong, and the following weekend dropped my fav. glass piece :-( ugh
  20. I had a newbie laugh into my Hurrikane stained glass pipe and send 40 bucks worth of Fruity Pebble Kush onto my shag carpet, making it unsalvageable.

    I resolved after that to only teach using blunts and joints, but they'd always flame the paper, lip it, magically forget about puff puff pass, or they'd babysit it while they told a story, allowing the ganja to burn down to nothing. And all this only a few seconds after I explicitly told them not to do all that.

    After that incident, I refuse to smoke with newbies. Nowadays when I smoke, it's usually by myself or withother experienced tokers.

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