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    Good day all. I have been getting into training and what I like to call leaf tucking.

    Training all my plants from now on, I have hundreds of feet of stretch ties and I'm not afraid to use it!

    I started this training half way though vegging. It helped make up for what experiments I conducted on the fan leafs and lots of branches popped up. What happened is I trimmed a few sets of fans off. My vegging light is limited as its a 100w led. Therefore I attempted to provide more light to lower nodes. For the nodes that I trimmed the fans on it stunted those branches growth. They came to a all together halt until I started training. The lower nodes that got more light and had the two main large fans grew into larger branches. Lessons learned ^^

    First off please remember to only train on plants that are hydrated enough. You could snap branches during its dryer periods so train when there's no wilting present. I still have multiple bends that's happened in the branch when I trained her sideways. Believe it or not once you establish a tension on a plants limb it's fighting to go back to its original position even weeks after being bent over. Untied branches will reach for the sky so it's not an option to move ties around. Once she is tied keep her tied. Sometimes adjusting further down the branch as she grows. Hardest part is keeping a even canopy. You bend branches into empty areas until they are filled. The growth is unreal so get ready to go into flower once you think you won't have anymore room for them.

    Now for leaf tucking, simply push a fan leaf under other leafs to expose nodes to the light. They are very flexible and don't often snap so bend them out of the way and lock them up with another fan or fans branch. This will reduce stress compared to cutting and encourage new development.

    Please ask any questions you have and I'll answer them all in time :D

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  2. Few waters later and some more training and she’s gotten bushier. Pulling dead leafs and tucking any blocking nodes.
  3. It’s gotten fairly bushy. I really want to put it into flower. It was a bit wilted today when I checked on it and I made sure to water it right away. It’s not the first time. I been slacking due to bad work schedule. It recovers fine I’m just wanting to move forward with it ASAP and secure a new home.
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    Recovered easy :) curious to much much I should trim and lollipop her. I want to take at least one clone off her to continue her line.

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  5. Update: sorry I failed to mention this before this is a Tutankhamon (AKA King Tut) strain by Pyramid Seeds. It’s a bag seed not direct buy.
  6. Been pulling dead leafs and watered her last night.
  7. She went into my flowering tent last night. Removed dehumidifier and switched my veg and flower tent. Drying my green now. She is light compared to the other pots so she’s getting a watering today.
  8. How was the smoke of that strain? I have one going outdoors that if she makes it to the finish should be a heavy yielding plant.
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  9. Seriously one of my favorite strains. It’s strong, good tasting and fairly smooth. You will enjoy it for sure, it’s a blast from the past and is a throwback to my youth.
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  10. That's what my buddy said...very strong. Growing it mostly for my sister in law because I can't handle high THC but like the CBD strains. Keep the pics updated so I can watch them buds form. I should start flowering in 3 weeks 20190714_123418.jpg
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  11. Great job raising it, looks nice and bushy. Good yield on its way I can see. Flowering outdoors or in?
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  12. Thanks, start to finish outside. That's why I said if she makes it too the end.
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  13. Yes be nice if you had a green house or sun room to use so it could finish properly. What area are you in?
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  14. Southern Ontario Canada. I have a covered pergola I will put her under with fans during rain and night. Not much room for a greenhouse but I agree it would be best
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  15. Mold and humidity are your worries for sure. The fans will help, for how cheap it is to get a tent and led light I’d consider taking it indoor. Best of luck with outdoor, as long as it gets lots of direct sun it should stay clean. Also morning dews can get your buds. I’m in the same area and the humidity and heat has been extreme.
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  16. Yes I have a shed and a 400 watt HPS but it's too big to go in there (4ft x 4ft) and hasn't stretched yet plus I have another plant that's the same size so not enough light for those two.
  17. Right beyond digging a big hole in the shed and putting it in deep your limited.

    For my tent, timer, power cord and led light I paid under 400 for all.

    If you have room in your bedroom for a 8 foot tent 4x4 it would be faster and easier/lower maintenance/stress for you and plant to flower. Plus it protects the bud and crystals from the heat and moisture. With this unpredictable weather and all. That’s wishful thinking right. I just bought it all and did it regardless of who I’m living with. It’s legal now funk off lol
  18. The plants are 4ft x 4ft already and haven't started to stretch yet! They won't fit through the door to the shed and I would need a lot of light to flower 2 plants that size.
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  19. Lol monsters, that's outdoors for you.
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  20. Will be moving tut outside for august after having it on 12/12 for a week or so to kick start it into flower. Will no longer be able to grow indoors until I find my own place. I hope to find a place before Christmas as I wanted to have a weed tree for my Christmas tree in flower of course.

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