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Train Wreck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by cdr0, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Picked up a 8th of trainwreck, one of the best creeper smokes to come around here. Has a great smooth taste, i am probably getting more of this tomorrow. Enjoy Rep in you like,



  2. looks great bro, how much was the eighth?
  3. Bud looks really good cdr0. I remmember the first time I tried trainwreck - man! it gives you a strong buzz minutes after you've inhaled it. Is trainwreck a Indica or a Sativa?
  4. @cdr0

    have you tried any of the white berry thats floating arround houston?

    White widdow x Blueberry... yummmm:smoke:
  5. 55 for a 8th which is nice around here
  6. Last year about this time there was some shoreline and whiteberry and i picked a 1/4 of each
  7. trainwreck is yummy
  8. Fuck yeah, if you have the money to get more then get more. I just picked up an oz of dank homegrown for $175 :)

  9. Whiteberry makes my brain not work :eek:
  10. where in houton are you, i hope that stops over in my neck of the woods haha
  11. Trainwreck is a sativa
  12. Picked up an 1/8th of this business two days ago. Goddamn it's nice. I paid $65 though :/. Weed's expensive as hell here.
  13. LOVE train wreck :D Some really good times smokin that bud, great for kickbacks and body trippin to music.
  14. For trainwreck, 55 is solid inthese parts to. Just picked up an eighth of Candy actually for 60.

    But that bud is frosty:smoke:
  15. Trainwreck is one of my favorites, get every cross i can with tw in it. ha :)

    looks yummy dude!

  16. ya it was a steal

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