train wreck x og kush?

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  1. Green House seeds has a strain called K-train. i wanted to know the differemce in that strain to kandy kush from reserva privada?? both say that the parents to make both strains is og kush crossed with train wreck. can some one explain this??
  2. your mistake is in your reading. K train is actually not og kush. its trainwreck crossed with original kush(not the same thing as og kush). kandy kush is ogkush dad with a trainwreck mom if im not mistaken. i would recommend the kandy kush. from what ive read its suppose to be pretty good. me and my gf have looked at it many times just never bought em. Also the greenhouse trainwreck is suppose to be very unstable. i hear its a good strain when you get a solid mom but its not very stable and i can only assume the k train is the same. reserva privada churns out a great set of genetics and i have grown their og kush and its insane amazing.
  3. check out the skunk magizine volume 5 issue 4. its says and i quote ( green house)" we decided to cross the original trainwreck mother with an original og kush. and these strains in the mag with in 4 pages of each other under hot milfs. theres a typo some where or some one came up with the strian first.
  4. this is from the greenhouse webpage
    K-Train ® (Feminised)


    Not Yet Introduced


    Trainwreck - Kush


    A True Indica, heavy and long lasting

    Flowering indoor:

    9 Weeks

    Flowering outdoor:

    Ripe at the end of October (Europe)

    THC: N/A

    CBD: N/A

    CBG: N/A

    youll notice the genetics only say "kush". trust me they would throw the OG in front of it if it was og kush. its an original kush though and just so you know og does not mean original. i couldnt find that skunk article you cited but if you could link it id love to read it. ive never found any add though at any seedbank that claimed ktrain was og kush cross. if you have something to the contrary though id love to see it but like i said im pretty sure on this. feel free to ignore my opinion though.
  5. thanks that helps out alot.. im dicontinuing my reading of skunk magizine. that seems right. is it a pure kush?
  6. ill be honest i dont know. that post from green house is literally the extent of the lineage they gave and on seed bank descrips like attitude and etc. they only describe it as original kush. i do know that original kush was taken from the mountains so assuming its an offspring from those plants i would say thats about as pure as it gets. but lets be honest in the world of seeds i doubt there are really any "pure" strains out there. just my opinion though.
  7. Actually on the Greenhouse Seeds Website they list it as:
    Trainwreck x OG Kush.
    A true indica, heavy and long lasting.

    Arjan also says that it is in the official grow video.

    So, it would appear that they did come from the same parents.

    Tho, I did read that DNA Genetics used 'cut #6' of an OG Kush to cross with the trainwreck to create KandyKush. This cut could offer slightly different traits.

    I'm curious about this as well.
  8. Your first post was to a 3 yr old thread welcome
  9. :wave: Don't listen to any claims from Greenhouse, some strains are not bad but no way have they got some of the genetics that they claim.

    TH Seeds have some great Trainwreck crosses :smoke:

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