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Discussion in 'General' started by Tailz, Jun 11, 2013.

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    So I've been a jumper for over a decade.
    I've caught out from over 100 yards and seen most the country.
    I am now settled down with a family.
    But am curious how many of us are on here???
    Maybe we know one another?
    What kinda dog you have?
    What's your favorite city?
    What's been your longest haul?

  2. How often do you get to use a toilet
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    There's ways to prepare for that...
    I'm a dude so I can always piss down between cars..
    As far as #2
    Well on a long haul (3-5days)
    You bring some cardboard.
    Then just throw it off.
    Same went for my dog...
  4. What's your longest haul?
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    12 days...
    With only 3 days supply...
    Screwed up at my switch...
    Kentucky to New Jersey
  6. You threw the dog off?
  7. dogs shit...
  8. Wow that must have been the shit. Seeing the country like that. I imagine it to be dangerous too though. Any close calls?
  9. I've been seriously considering doing this for some time. Is it dangerous? How did you get food? What did you have initially? Was finding bud easy? This is so cool to me.
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    alot, usually alcohol and weed induced mishaps...
    really to many to list.
    but riding in general can be safe if you take precautions..
    can be yes...
    just remember 2000 tons of steel is very unforgiving..
    i recommend a few things here..
    best thing is your first jump to be with someone who has exp. obviously..
    if thats not an option go with a very trusted friend.
    i usually role with a lrg military style pack from a surplus store.
    packing depends on the trip..
    water is essential but heavy.
    food: trail mix, power bars, cans of whatever, tortillas 
    rain gear, poncho,tarp
    good boots
    sleeping pack
    some form of entertainment, cards,a managble book, 
    throw away pre paid phone
    general misc: tools duct tape string ect...
    id also had to pack dog food
    plus a dog who weighs 50lbs
    pack weight usually around 50-75lbs
    finding bud is never hard my friend
    town to town resupplying can be trying.
    but youd be surprised at how generous people can be.
    flying/panhandling off ramps with traveling signs helps.
    sometimes you have to swallow your pride and hold out your hand.
    a humbling expierence coming from where i am today...
  11. That looks fun as fuck. I would love to do that if I had the money and it was safe.
  12. isn't that dangerous? i know you can seriously injure yourself trying to hop on a train.
  13. Shit reminds me of Into the Wild. Great movie, even greater book!
  14. my first jump i had 8$ in my pocket...
    and a backpack full of clothes..
    yea people have died...
    but people die everyday doin stupider shit..  :smoke:
  15. Do yo have any personal pics from your journeys?
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    How do you get your dog to jump off a moving train? 
    And even crazier, how(if ever) would you get your do on to a moving train?
  17. those are some sweet pics dude.  ive met 2 train hoppers, they were both heroin addicts.  thats crazy though.
  18. I got maybe 2 or 3 disposables stashed in some of my stuff at my grammas. Haven't been out that way in 5yrs now... :(
  19. this is an unfortunate but common thing.. herion and alcoholism..
    I myself battled dope the whole time.
    Can now say i am proudly clean from that shit..
    Gez how could you even do all that being dope sick all the damn time, I would have to be clean to go do something like that.

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