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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by an0nym0us, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. how do i make my Trialer Trash Strain Seedling Hydro with Crystals and stuff ?
  2. That question is absurd. It makes no sense. Alas, I shall retort anyway.

    As long as you pull the males and take care of your plants properly - they should grow with plety of "crystals". Some strains have more "crystals" than other strains.

    Edit: Hydro means grown with Hydroponics...
  3. DUDE you've been posting pointless threads all over the city..."i was digging through my sisters trash...BLAH BLAH BLAH" there is no way your over 13. Just leave now. the way it sounds is that you have NO knowledge of cannibus and it's cultivation. read up, grow up. c'mon use the search button!
  4. as i care what flamers think .... and im 19
  5. All else aside, you can't deny that.

  6. blarney hes at least 18 ive seen him befo
  7. Even if that is true - he did come here to learn.

    LoL, alls I'm sayin' is that I thinky ou should give at least give some postive suggestions along with the flame. :)
  8. Well its great that you came here to learn. You came to the right place. There is a ton of helpful info on here that can take you from seed to bud. Hell I learn something new every time I visit the site.

    I would recommend you read some of the grow guides on here. I believe grandpa's grow guide can take you through everything you need to know. If there’s something your wondering first try typing it in the search box. If you come up with nothing hit up the forums there are lots of people on here with a ton of info and are always more then willing to share. And weclome to the city.
  9. t/y and same here ... everytime i click New Posts i learn something new
  10. Grandpas grow guide grew my two sucessfully harvested plants. Go Gramps
  11. Ok, It doesnt sound like you know much but you asked how to grow hydro with crystals. The crystals you see on budding marijuana plants are called trichomes and the amount of trichomes on a plant is strain dependent. To make your plants grow hydro you need a hydroponics setup. Hydroponics is growing without soil using just water and nutrients. There are many different types of hydroponics including; deep water culture (bubble bucket), drip irrigation and countless others. I would recommend starting your plants in soil considering you are a beginner. Also the seeds that you are growing are not a new strain they are just bag seeds. Breeding is a very complex process requiring hundreds if not thousands of man hours. Read up on different methods of growing and keep learning. Happy growing and welcome to the city.
  12. appreciate it tommy and Thanx for the welcome .....

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