Trailer Park Boys

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  1. Just started rewatching this series from season 1. This has to be one of my favorite shows of all time! It's a shame it's not on tv anymore. What do you guys think of the show?
  2. It's the best stoner show that the fewest people have seen.
    I miss the boys, and I envy you have a lot of cool watching ahead of you.
  3. one of the shows that gets better the more times you watch it

    you notice more and more things lol
    alot of stuff is connected and theres lots of LONG running jokes
  4. youll find lots of TPB fans here, me for one lol.

    i own seasons 1-7, the earlier Christmas special and pilot. say good night to the bad guys, the big dirty, count down to liquor day, some randy and lahey stand up, and some live stuff from the boys together.

    fucking love TPB`s
  5. Ahh i love trailer park boys. Bubbles fucking kills me every time, but the whole gang is magic.
  6. dude just wait some of the episodes are just fucking hilarious.

    just wait till conkey comes around.
  7. For those interested, they recently released a box set with all seasons, movies, etc. I believe it's called the cheeseburger locker.
  8. [quote name='"pigpen03"']dude just wait some of the episodes are just fucking hilarious.

    just wait till conkey comes around.[/quote]

    I'm rewatching them. I've seen them plenty of times before haha
  9. The Christmas special is one of the best things that have ever been on TV. My friends and I watch it every year. Rickie's speech in the church is epic.
  10. Crazy liquor cheeseburger parties...
  11. I love those damn Canadians lol. soooo fucking funny
  12. I have all of the series as well as the movies backed up on an hard drive with all my other favorite tv shows. Highly underrated series imo.
  13. no way man

    this show gets exactly the recognition it deserves. I honestly cant remember ever hearing someone say they didnt like it, and describe why without being a troll.

    I dont think its underrated or overrated. It gets plenty of well earned praise.
  14. Dude, Trailer Park Boys is the shit.
    I LOVE Bubbles. :D
  15. Okay.........didn't realize your point of view was the standard for everyone. I've only ever met one other person in my life who's even heard of this series and its funny as hell. Then again, in real life I don't hang out with any stoners, so that could be why. It might get a lot of well earned praise, but among who? Grasscity? No doubt.

    If it ever gets picked up by comedy central, THEN it will get its proper respect imo because then it will reach the mainstream.
  16. One of my favorite shows ever. I need to rewatch all the seasons again.
  17. It would get butchered to death on CC. Think of the censors.

    As we know from the court episode if Ricky cant swear hes fucked.
  18. bubbles is my mannnn!!!!

  19. bumpp

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