Trailer park boys.

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  1. I've noticed a lot of blades with pictures of some of the actors and I wonder if any one has actually watched it. It is a caniadian tv show so there is a lot of weed/hash talk and it's just great
  2. I love that show! Partly because it's in Nova Scotia (the province in which I reside) Their new show, the Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour looks like it'll be not too bad either.
  3. [ame=]‪J-Roc - Trailer Park Life‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  4. I watched the first 3 episodes on Netflix. It's even more 90's than Portland. I get that these episodes were from 200, but it's like early 90's as hell. lol
  5. its possibly one of my favorite shows of all time, i really wish theyd come out with new episodes 7 seasons and 2 movies wasnt enough =[

    [ame=]‪Trailer Park Boys - The Water Bong Is So Smooth‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  6. This show is awesome, i'm on episode 19 and i believe they've gone to prison 4 times already haha.

    Thank god for netflix...

  7. they go every season hahaa
  8. This show is great. I've seen the first 5 seasons and they've all been funny as hell. I love that Ricky's big plan to get his life on track always involves growing and selling weed.
  9. Only 4 more episodes left and im done with trailer park boys :(
  10. Also: around episode 13-15 they grow all that pot for to sell to that prison guard and make that giant brick of hash... I felt like i was watching porn for a minute..
  11. hahahaha the hash driveway

  12. I always wondered wtf they would do if it rained.

  13. Of course we've watched it..

    You think I have a picture of Cory and Trevor as my sig and not know who they are? lol

    But for real, Trailer Park Boys is fucking hilarious.

    I watched all 7 seasons through, then when I finished it.. I started back from episode 1 again.

    Im gonna go watch some now actually.. I can never get tired of this show. :smoke:

  14. smokes boys

    haha... Man I love that show, super funny high or not...

    I love it when bubbles says Samsquantch haha
  15. gnome saynnn

    Ive rewatched this series more then any other. Although I still havent seen their new show yet.

    Jroc and his friends should have gotten a spinoff show. Rapping and stealing luggage.
  16. [ame=]Trailer Park Boys - Best Of BAAAM! - YouTube[/ame]
  17. I've been a huge TPB fan for several years now and I was disappointed that a lot of my friends had never heard of it...but the time passed and now almost all of my friends love the show and watch it regularly.

    I've been watching The Drunk And On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour and while it's not a bad show (while fucking crazy I do think the premise is really cool) it pales in comparison to Trailer Park Boys.

    also, tv show > movies.
  18. Man Trailer Park Boys is the best TV show ever in my opinion. Really good actors and it's funny as fuck. Everyone should watch this show.. plus they always talk with that maritime accent haha
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    Fuck's sake, I searched and nothing came up, so I made a thread about TPB...and then I notice this here's what I had posted :laughing:

    My flatmates introduced me to this about 3 years ago, but since I've been away from university and bored a lot, I've rediscovered it. And it's so fucking funny :cool:

    As crazy as it sounds, for such low-brow comedy, the characters are so well-done. Bubbles and his accent and little nuggets of wisdom and attempts to explain/rationalise the craziness in the park...Ricky who can't speak 3 words without cussing or completely making up a word...Lahey...fuckin Lahey :laughing:

    There's times I want to kill Lahey for his incredible vindictiveness, but he's so fucking crazy and funny :laughing:

    [ame=]Jim Lahey - The best drunk scenes (Trailer Park Boys) - YouTube[/ame]

    Ray is so fucking awesome too, stealing Ricky's pepperoni, sticking Bubbles with all kinds of bullshit, having a drink in his hand 99.9% of the time lol

  20. Trailer park boys= the shit nough said

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