Trailer park boys

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  1. This show is just so fin funny.....anyone else like it.....I beleive it is a canadian only tv show....
  2. never even heard of that before. I'd probably like to watch it though. sounds cool.
  3. Yeah, ill take some JALAPENO chips bro
  4. Yeah man, Trailer Park Boys kicks ass

    It's a Canadian show from several years ago, the 7th season ended last year and we're supposed to be seeing a movie this year. They also released an episode inetween season 7 and the new movie called "Say Goodbye To The Bad Guys" or something like that.. look on torrent sites for it.

    If you have never seen this show you HAVE GOT TO WATCH IT, go to <-- that URL and you can stream every episode for free. Now, let me warn you, the first season isn't that great, they don't have the charactors down and it's a little shoddy. Watch season 2 and 3 and if you still don't like it.. then stop there. But the rest of the series is REALLY good, it's a mockumentary about a bunch of canadian stoners who grow pot in their trailers and in a field and are always outsmarting the police. Give this one a watch.
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    They used to show it on the BBC America channel. There's a movie that came out this past spring but I didn't think it was as good as the series.

    My favorite episode is when they were having elections for the trailer park mayor and Ricky and Julian put shrooms on the "rich" guy's pizza (can't think of the guy's name.).
  6. the dudes names Sam.

    just this weekend i watched all 7 seasons and 3 movies. Cant get enough of this show its hilarious. My favorite part is where the gang is robbing the supermarket and ricky walks in to buy smokes and ends up in a shoot out against everyone
  7. Im gonna start growin dope and get my life together
  8. I absolutely love Trailer Park Boys. I bought all the seasons on DVD. :D
  9. The Trailer Park Boys are the fuckin' shit. I don't know about you but I'd love to smoke with those guys:smoke::smoke::bongin:.
  10. fuckin bologna sandwiches
  11. A dope trailer's no place for a kitty!
  12. TPB is one of my favorite shows. EVER. if you're interested in the dvds....ahem
  13. Definately a favorite. If I ever have a kitty its name will be Shit Rock.
  14. I need it to guard my weed plants a squirrel pissed in this one and I only have 2 left!
  15. i love this show!
    vvv j-roc cracks me up
  16. I fricken love Ricky so much...

    My first order of business is to tell the prosecuter to shut the fuck up and wipe that stupid fucking grin off his face because he's distraculating my case!
  17. I love when they go to prison and the whole trailer park becomes a perfect little town haha.
  18. _BEST_


    ps. trevor, smokes lets go!
  19. Julian, the games postponed cuz no mafackas can go up to Canadian mafacka and buy a new orange mafacka for 2.99$? That's wack Jules, c'mon boyy.

    I will never ever get sick of this show haha..Showcase airs it like four separate times a day, pretty sure they're the same two episodes every time but no care, I like to watch on my lunch break aha.

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