Trailer Park Boys

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  1. Sadly, no one here in the states knows aboot this show. Canada's finest!
  2. Probably my favourite show, sooo many one liners its rediculous. Americans would really love this show, im suprised not alot of them know about it.

    "ricky I think you're immuned"
  3. I am in the States and have seen every episode!!! Hysterical! Trailer park culture/ life has no boarders that is for sure!
  4. Those damn critters are stealin my dope again!!!... and of course the raycins.
  5. i love T.P.B, my favorite epsiode is "The Green Bastard" lmfao Bubbles is a king!
  6. OH man I just watched that one a couple days ago... ahh I love when he makes that fucked up monkey sound hahahaha... whos got your belly ?
  7. TRAILER PARK BOYS that's the name of the show! I was trying to remember what it was, my friend showed me some clips of it last year, the episode where Ricky is trying to get arrested - I nearly pissed my pants laughing so hard at that. "I'm drunk as fuck driving around town, I'm on dope. And not only that, I've got a loaded handgun here and I'm going to start firing it off, so please call the cops!"

    Man haha, does anyone know where I can watch it streaming online? :)
    Edit - nevermind, found it!
  8. Trailer Park Boys is the best show ever. The best part about this show is the wonderful characters that you grow to love. I would rather live in Sunnyvale Trailer Park and get drunk and high with Ricky,Julian, and Bubbles than be a millionaire.:smoke:
  9. the best thing ever to appear on north american tv! if you enjoy _Reno_, Larry David, uh... _The Wire_...don't miss it!

    on youtube check out the resources at tpbcentral

    all the episodes are there plus extras, the original film, as well as their recent "The Big Dirty"
  10. I actually lived right down the street from ricky!

    And got a signed poster from bubbles.

    I live close to were there from ;D
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    that is truly kewl!

    one thing i find kinda funny in the show is when the camera pulls back a bit, you see the * beautiful* ocean behind the park... reminds me of washington state here in usa
    so do you hang out @ the moose statue sometimes?
    my wife and i love the show so much... just keep watching the episodes again & again, getting more laughs from them...

    one sample for those who haven't seen it yet: from season 7: the boys have to make a quick trip down to maine to rescue bubbles; ricky can't believe the strict us regs
    YouTube - Trailer Park Boys - Friends of the Road (2/3)

    gonna go fire up the knives buddy, see ya later!
  12. I saw on a list someone had The Big Dirty as a movie worth watching. That was funny as hell! I had no idea this was a TV show. Now I have hours of watching to do!
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  14. btw, of course the show is probably best viewed in sequence starting with season 1, but both the above-linked-to episodes can be enjpyed w/o "prior experience"
  15. *milking the thread to increase post count...*

    once you get into the show, the documentary (also on TPBCentral on youtube) "Hearts of Dartmouth", made by director Mark Clatetnburg's wife is enjoyable also

    i really appreciate the boys' dedication to the show, for instance how they avoid doing public appearances out of character... to me the park is real and it does go on when i shut off the box. however rough a day i might be having, i feel solidarity with bubs in his shed, ricky living in the shitmobile...

    actually the wife and i rent a "mobile home" (not in a park tho ) at the moment, which we affectionately call "julian's trailer" since it's "really nice"

    once a trailer park boy, always a trailer park boy!

  17. They are really really nice people.
    I was standing outside the metro centre, wearing a RUSH t-shirt, and bublles actualy told me i had a awesome shirt.
    i took it right off and gave it to him ;D
  18. One of the best shows ever made! All the characters are original and unique. The acting is amazing to. TRAILER PARK BOYS FOR LIFE!:bongin:

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