Trailer Park Boys

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  1. how many of you guys are trailer park boys fans? I love to watch trailer park boys (preferably the first seven seasons) while stoned, and eating greasy bacon cheeseburgers. My favorite characers are randy bobandy, bubbles, and phil collins. Comment what your favorite episode is, and favorite character. Now fuck off, I've got work to do
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  2. Season 3 is the best. I love bobandy too. And I love cheeseburgers . Does that make me gay? Actually I don't care, cheeseburgers for life.

    Lahey is also the shit. I drink harder to try to be like him. And his shitisms are the best!

    TPB for life!!!

  3. Look under my name lol fucking love trailer park boys
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  4. I love his shitisms too! But rickyisms are downright hilarious. "Worst case ontario" and "Getting two birds stoned at once" are my favorite

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