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Trailer Park boys project, poster scan

Discussion in 'General' started by Mustard Tiger, May 25, 2009.

  1. Im gonna be starting a stencil project (oh its gonna be sick) and In was wondering if any blades can help me out. I need a high res pic or scan of the bottom left corner of this poster:


    The gun the glass and the leaf. Thanks alot for the help, hopefully this thread will bring out some TPB fans.:smoking:
  2. haha yea nice. That should be sick, cant help ya out tho
  3. I <3 TPB. those bastards are funny.

    i tried to put it into photoshop but since its not vector the image distorts and pixelates really bad when you try to zoom in on it. Im not the greatest authority on PS tho so dont take my word for it, it could possibly be done some other way.

    or you could B&W the entire photo and make it one big stencil. with their faces. Ricky looks hilarious in that pic too. I think his hair alone would make the stencil ill.
  4. nice to see a fellow shit hawk on the forums.

    I know photoshop can interpolate the pixels and increase the resolution slightly, but not enough to do the kind of detail work you are thinking of.

    I would recommend buying the poster and scanning it in yourself.
  5. Thanks for all the help so far. I know the pic i posted isn't very high res, when i zoom in they all look like white blobs. If someone took a picture even of the corner I bet it would do wonders.
  6. watch out for the green bastard and the samsquantches when in sunnyville!! knock-knock. Whos there? FUCK OFF Leahy :smoking:
  7. Lol do many Americans know about the trailer park boys?
  8. I have all the seasons on dvd + the film and xmas special, but not many people have heard of them around here. I know of 1 other person that has seen the show.
  9. haha i love this show!! ever since i found out about it i can't stop watching it lol
  10. ive never heard of this show/movie but i am about to do some research.
  11. "Are we going to be climbing come kind of shitty rope Julian?"

    Awesome show... Can't help ya' out though.
  12. Thanks for all the replies, I still can't seem to find a high res pic. The shitty thing is, I have that poster, but somewhere down the line the bottom left corner got torn off and lost, and now its biting me in the ass. Fuck.

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