Trailer Park Boys fans?

Discussion in 'General' started by bobandy02, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. What do you think of the new season vs. old?

    Bubs was childhood friends with my uncle growing up in Nova Scotia

    and I once saw Julien kick a llama off another llama for getting it on In front of his kid at my uncles ranch

    Apperantly some scenes were shot at the farm too which automatically makes me hope pot field

    Anyways anyone else ever met the guys? How long have you been fans?

  2. Never met em but I love that fucking show. 😀 Didnt like the new season at first but after a couple episodes I liked it more than the other seasons. It seemed more exaggerated or somethin

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  3. Some of the writers left, but I think the new season is still true to TPB. It was more dramatic, which doesn't really fit in with TPB, but the feel hasn't changed. Most shows become unfunny when they switch writers, but this didn't. I've never met the boys.
  4. Love TPB. Can't wait for the next new season.
  5. Love everything about that show. When I got all caught up I cried because there was no more. I love Ricky so friggin much.
  6. Bubbles FTW!

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  7. I like it good show
  8. I adore them.  And every season just gets better. 
    Combination of two great shows!
  10. Love that show. New season not as good as previous ones, but still good.

    They came to my town like 3 blocks from my house. It was before I really got into it. Terrible mistake.

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