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  1. i was at silver wood lake and while rolling a blunt on a canoe i accidentally knocked my space case into the bottom of the lake so 2day i ordered a replacement grinder according to this website and got me a 2.5 chromium chrusher 4 pc on ebay extras will include a pollen press blunt cutter and a stash bottle
  2. reeks of phish
  3. i have the exact same crusher
    its served me quite well =]
  4. I picked up a chromium crusher as well, does quite a good job, although slightly slower than expected on the keif buildup, the screen is really fine.
  5. Damn man, don't roll on the water. My worst mishap was losing 3 pre-rolled joints when my kayak flipped after I jumped out for a swim. I think the ultimate toking tools are the sharpstones that are as small as a tube of lipstick, that and a little bowl in a cargo pocket would be perfect for a smoke
  6. teh took are joobs!!/!$#^
  7. I have a chromium chrusher too, works great but Kief takes FOREVER to build up

  8. Yeah man I'm kinda annoyed it takes soo long, but it is getting the purest of stuff I guess, and there is quite a bit of kief in lots of other spots in the grinder
  9. Well same with my spacecase keif build up took forever but lemme tell you its worth the wait purer keif = BETTER STRONGER HASH trust butif anyone wants a free space case you could find it at the bottom of silverwood lake

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