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  1. Well, for my first grow I tried indoors (with parents....) and it was successful for two weeks. I didn't have a way to hide it very well, so it was basically growing in a cardboard box in my room (stealthy, eh? :p). My parents kept asking me what I was growing, and I just said "something.". Well, one day my mom comes in while i'm tending the plants and she says "you know it's illegal to grow marijuana plants." and i'm like, "I know." Well she seemed all cool with it for about a week, then one day she gave me a talk saying she was scared of the cops busting down our door and "getting everyone in trouble." I told her nothing would happen if she didn't say anything! Then we got into a huge discussion on how easy you can't get caught, if you do it right. She said "They'll use heat sensing blah blah blah!!", i'm like, "....they're fluoresents." In the end she made me get rid of my plants. Either I'm going to have to spend some moola to make a locked grow box for my closet, or I have to wait two years until I move out....
  2. damn dude i was in that same situation but i didnt fold!!! it got to a point when i was taking a high nap n she strolled into mah room n ripped mah baby right out man when i woke up i was ready to wreak some havoc things where going to get hectik i felt like shooting someone but i had one growing what i did was plant 2 yup take one out comeback with two they're a month in although if she pulls those i dont kno if i can keep up lol i purchased the 10 seeds for 50 bones so i gotta look out for that but i doubt she sisters a different story.....

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  3. haha.. you kids. The same thing happened to me a couple years ago when i was living with the parents (before college). My mom foundem while I was out and she threw those fuckers in the garbage. I threw a little boy tantrum, went out to the garbage and fished those suckers out. They were all torn up and fucked up in general, and they had been sitting out all night in the middle of the winter. I putem right back into my closet, settled down and talked to her like a grownup. I explained to her the same stuff, and about the prices of bud today (shes an exhippie). I also told her about my "friend" who had freeked out after smoking PCP laced weed by accident. Boy did that ever suck, I don't recommend that shit to anyone. My advise is to use your boys spot, or wait till u get ur own.
  4. No dissrespect intended but , your parents could loose their house (even if they don't know you are growing). There have been so many houses on the market from the government auctions from drug seisures here in Tennessee. I'd say they get about 30 a year. Alot are from other people than the owners caught with drugs. Be carefull!
  5. I know the risk, but no one knew about it.
  6. Man, that sucks, Somewhat of the same shit happened to me a few years ago. I was growing in my bathroom and I had the room closed with a sign on it that read "Do Not Open" I was in the middle of my dark cycle that day. My fucking house cleaner came that day, saw the sign and peeked in (I know cuz the door was a little open when I came home that day) The next week the day before her scheduled day to come she called my mom and told her, "Last week I couldn't get into amizzle's bathroom and I think he doesn't want me going in there for some reason." My mom went in, looked around and didn't even find my plant which was in the shower, but when she left the room and turned the light off, but the light didn't go off she looked in the shower, and it all went to hell. She wasn't pretty pissed but I moved it that day and she was all good by the evening. Sucks, but it happens, Im moved out now and thankfully I don't have to deal with any kind of shit like that especially since I have a Recomendation. Good luck man.
  7. ive smoked pcp laced weed onaccident too, it was freaky shit.
  8. that sucks man, my mom bitched me out a few times but all my rooms i ever made where hid well and locked. Theres one i just made without a lock but hid very well so i'm not really worried, oh and theres nothing in it right now anyways so its cool, lol.

    I've smoked pcp and weed, and i've just smoked pcp before, at the time i liked it.
  9. Well... i remember when i had to live with my parents... i grew plenty but not as much as right now... i had a card board box underneath the stairs an i would start my plants there untill about flowering ... cause after that they smelt o bad and my parents are strict and didnt feel like getting caught... grew 3 years straight at home never been caught started at 14 moved out at 17 and now i live by myself and grow plenty actualy more then enoug haha... but anyways man just start your plants indoors and then movem out putem in a forest where they'll get effiecent sun light and some water.. (you can always go water them once every other day or so..) worked for me never been caught but theresa time and a place for everything i guess!! happy growings if you want pics im sure i could build a sample box etc... good luck...!!

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