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    As I feel the munchies coming on strong, I remember that box of pop tarts I bought today at the store. I grab the pop tart box, and to my demise? The box was already opened! I know for a fact I didn't (and nobody else did either) which means I bought it like that from the store.:(

    The box was open and a package was ripped (basically completely off) of one pack of pop tarts but all the rest seem to be fine. All pop tarts intact.

    Should I keep them or toss them?

    EDIT: Update - Upon further inspection there were 2 other poptarts smashed throughout the box. I decided to throw them all out except 2 packs that were unaffected.

    Toasted and ate one pack...thinking of eating the other as well :)
  2. Keep em.. this aint halloween, we still keep the bad shit.

    Besides.. its immoral to throw away good poptarts.
  3. I'd prolly eat em.. .but recommend not eating them. :p
  4. Wise words from a blade with good taste in pastries.

  5. this belongs in the Stoner Quotes thread
  6. I was looking for threads and just saw "tragedy thinking somebody died or something" and i was reading the others like "keep him in your thoughts" and all these and thought that drugs are really fucking some lives over...but now i just lold

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