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  1. Well, today, my first and most beloved piece committed suicide.I have had it for 5 years now, since I was 14 and in high school. It decided it no longer wanted to be part of this world, so it jumped off the counter to its death on the linoleum floor. As I stared in awe at my broken heart laying there on the floor, I noticed it is now in 3 pieces and I have a question for all of you blades out there. What would be the most efficient way to scrape/remove all the resin and have it prepared to smoke tonight? I smoked my last bowl out of it earlier and would love to have a resin ball the size of a quarter, as it is CAKED with the dirty black stuff.
  2. if you have a razor blade scrape away
    or even better an exacto knife
  3. Your story is full of holes! We know you murdered him for the resin! Bastard!

    But shit man, seeing as how he is dead...break the piece even more so you can use a knife.

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