Traffic Stop

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  1. So, now I'm gonna tell you all a tale before my memory enhancer burns out here.

    The Story goes:

    We were up at my friends farm awhile back in Georgetown OH. We're some guys from Cincinnati (WHO DEY!!!). Anyway we went up and played some paintball. It was funny because on one side we have the guys smoking vs the straight laced dudes who'd never smelled one bud. So between games team green got a little high and we kept getting higher every chance we got. We just eventually stopped actually PB-ing to smoke. Pretty soon we were blazed and we just went back to the farm house and chilled. Then of course we were like "Fuck. we are so hungry. Let's go to pizza hut."
    And by this time my stringy buddy with uber metabolism was feeling OK (didn't smoke much in the first place) so he drove. We were on the way to the pizza hut and there's a yellow light up ahead. So he goose's it and tries for the photo-finish. I, riding shotty, tell him "Look five-oh". With 4 of us blazed in the car he fucking runs red light with a hick-cop just waiting on the other side of the intersection.

    So we get pulled over and do the hand over ID's business and he goes to his cruiser and takes fucking 20 minutes to "check em out". The whole time his ass is trying to be a secret agent or something, tryin to trick us into fucking up answers to his questions.

    Eventually he let us go with a red light warning and we went to the Hut. We all beat up on stringy for like 15 minutes. Ate some pizza and went back to farm and smoked in a tent for a while.

    well that's that. one of my worst smoke-venutres. Other than the time i actually got arrested.
  2. dont drive with bud on you unless you are optionless....sounds like you did this, so theres not to much to worry about. oh yeah, and leave stringy alone. being skinny and getting beat up on aint no fun.

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