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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by starvingstudent, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know what types of lightbulbs are used in a traffic light?
    Thanks for the help
  2. traffic lights that hang over the streets to light the streets are generally either Metal Halide, Mercury Vapour, or sodium vapour. The yellow/orange lights are sodium vapour. THe white lights can be either MH or MV. If you are thinking about climbing up a telephone pole to steal one of those lights, you might think again. I would be that they aren't wired for a standard house circuit. If you are a skilled electrician and can rewire the ballast go for it, but I wouldn't. just my $.02
  3. Bravo, JIMBO33. Stick around. We need ya.
  4. hey guys thanks for the reply, i was thinking about traffic stop lights are they the same types of bulbs too?
  5. the traffic stop lights are most likely an incandescent bulb like woody mentioned. I have seen some new ones that are undoubtably LED (light emitting diode). What's your interest in these lights?
  6. i was justwondering if the traffic lights would be any good for glow bulbs because i have a way to get a hold of a few of big deal
  7. If you really had to borrow lights from someplace forever..

    In parking lots the yellow looking ones are HPS and the bright white ones a Metal Halide.

    They use them because of the high lumen output and low powerinput vers output of lumen.

    Umm you will need the Power supplies..transformers not just the bulbs.
  8. Thatta boy, i bet i know what yer thinkin cause i thought of the exact same thing ;}
  9. you know them lights for street-billboard signs?
    any idea on what those lights are, and if there is any way of wiring them up to somthin useable?

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