Traffic charges dropped, how do I get my car replaced?

Discussion in 'General' started by tjviperjr, May 24, 2010.

  1. Ok long story short...

    Last summer I was involved in a car accident and was given the ticket for fault (improper left turn into oncoming traffic). Needless to say the woman who hit me had no lights on and a loose dog in the car.

    After 6 months in the backed up court system I was finally dismissed of my charges. Neither the other party nor the police offer showed in court so the case was dismissed.

    So now how do I go about getting my vehicle replaced, or if this is even possible. My insurance rates were also jacked up as well.

    any input would be appreciated blades:)
  2. Contact your insurance company. What kind of insurance did you have? What kind of insurance did she have? (Coverage wise).
  3. I went to the courthouse today and picked up a copy of my case and the dismissal form.

    I had full coverage on the vehicle as did she.
  4. Did you insurance company NOT pay out for either repairs or if it was totaled, the cars value? If not, why?

    I guess I'm confused as to what you're looking for here, because regardless of fault, if you had insurance on your car, you should have gotten it fixed, reimbursed for value, or replaced by your insurance company, and that should have happened months ago.

    Either way, start with your insurance company. Unfortunately, a dismissed case may or may not get you back money that you've paid in premiums that were above and beyond your normal rates for the last 6 months.

    Good luck with it.
  5. I was still paying payments on the vehicle, and my company paid off the loan through the bank. Im in the dark because my parents were the ones who took care of everything (im 20 and living at home while not at school)
    Im just a little confused here since this ordeal was dismissed. Shouldn't I be getting the bluebook for the car?

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