Trae lays out mike jones at ozone awards

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    Lmfao, I just read about this shit yesterday and I was laughing so hard. Here's the rundown, anyone from Houston or Texas for that matter knows that Mike Jones is a fake bitch, he doesn't do shit for our city, and he's constantly saying how he's 'h-towns best rapper' and he thinks he's the fucking king of the city. Trae and him have had beef for a minute, but Mike Jones would never fuck with Trae unless he has numbers on him. Well, Mike Jones had about 8 people with him at the Ozone awards and Trae had 1 person not even next to him, so Mike Jones started to run his mouth and Trae just punched him in the face in front of everyone, and mike jones fell straight to the ground with a bloody nose.

    The funny thing is, after all this shit happened, Mike Jones tried saying that Trae punched him from behind, EVERYONE in Houston is laughing about this shit, how can you punch someone in the nose from behind? Get layed out mike jones, its about damn time.

    Watch this video

    When it shows the pictures look at mike jones on the ground, haha.
  2. Shit! It's about time, fake ass Mike Jones getting laid out by a real mother fucker like Trae = priceless. hahaha fell to the ground with a bloody nose then trys to say o he punched me from behind :rolleyes: WHAT A PUSSY BITCH! AHAHAHA FINALLY! :p
  3. i prefer trae over mike jones all day but it sounds like trae cheap shotted him
  4. nah i don't think so at all, mike jones was walking past him talking his shit and he didn't think trae would do anything because he had a bunch of people with him, but he got what he had coming to him. i guarentee z-ro would've done the exact same thing haha, mike jones is just a cocky motherfucker.
  5. actually i heard Mike Jones was with his mom and his girl when he got knocked out LOL

    but still funny cuz mike jones does suck somethin serious
  6. Lol that makes it even funnier it front of mom and girl getting laid the fuck out and in front of everybody! Who got laid the fuck out? MIKE JONES! WHO? MIKE JONES! WHO? MIKE JONES! WHO? I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE! :rolleyes:

    O ya he sucks some seriously small penis and testicles, but they're his own. :laughing:
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