Trae Fucks Up Mike Jones [8/11]

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    Mike Jones and Trae The Truth got into an altercation at last night's (August 11) Ozone Awards in Houston, TX.

    According to various sources, Jones and Trae were in the backstage media area around artists such as David Banner and Slim Thug when the altercation went down.

    Jones called up Houston's 102 Jamz to explain what happened.

    "Everybody seen that it was the perfect time to do this. They don't have to pay for advertisements and promotion so he did that. Dude came and shook my hand and I guess he's mad because I call myself the president - because I am the president of H-Town, I run this city. After we shook hands and had words, he went his way and I went my way. Next thing I know he snuck up behind me and tried to swing at me," Jones said.

    Reports say that Trae knocked Jones to the ground with a punch and that Jones nose was bleeding severely

    video's are @ the website.
  2. I always figured Mike Jones cant take a punch looks like a bitch 2 me.
  3. that first video shows mike jones afterwards, and you can see the towel he's holding is soaked in blood.

    he must've gotten really fucked up.

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