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  1. So I will be trying to attempt to trade up my 4g Xbox Slim with Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock kit with GH2, GH3, GH World of Rock. Of course with one controller with battery pack and the power & video cords.

    So you think I'll get someone to bite & trade me for a PS3 on Craigslist? Just need opinions if I need to sweeten the deal a bit or not thanks!

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  2. Maybe, I didn't know they made 4gig hds for xbox thats so tiny. The only problem I see is that the PS3 typically goes for a bit more than an xbox.
    If you tried to sell the xbox how much would it be worth? I honestly don't know what xbox's are worth these days the last time I looked at one I think they where about 120-150ish from gamestop. The PS3 was going for like 200 then.
    You might get a barebones trade for it, PS3 + cables, controller and no games for your xbox with stuff. Either way lots of good exclusives on the PS3 to enjoy once you do get one.
    Good luck!
  3. Whatever you do dont trade in at gamestop.
    Tops you will get for those games added together is like 20 bucks max.
    The system will net you about 80, probably less.  Just dont do it.
    I would just buy a ps3 and keep the xbox .
  4. I've seen $175 on Craigslist. I figure with the Guitar Hero Drums, Guitar, Mic, and three GH games. It would be enough.

    Plan is to sell that as is, then trade the rest of my Xbox games for The Last of Us and probably put a preorder on Kingdom Hearts 1.5

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