Traded my bubbler for this piece

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  1. Everyone welcome the newest addition to my collection. I almost never used my bubbler anymore since most of my smoking buddies moved away, so I traded it for this thick chillum before the thing cracked itself like my first piece did.

    Let's welcome Marley to the family with some nice medical.

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  2. Nice! I had a chillum till I sold it before getting out of high school. Sold it to a sophmore for $60! And bought it for like $15 off my buddie. Haha. Now I just got to headshops n sell peices to my cousin for $5 more than I paid n he sells em for $5-$10 more than he bought them... hes still in HS so haha makin some $.
  3. haha thats awesome. The bubbler I got for 45$ at the local headshop, you can tell it was cheap glass and made poorly. My buddy got the chillum for 60$ at the same shop and before he moved he gave it to his cousin, who I traded then. Very thick chillum and has a big bowl. Only downside is that there isn't really a chamber in it so the hits are straight and kinda hard to pull cuz of the deep bowl. The trick is to angle it downward a little so the flame can get closer to the bud. 
  4. Idk how to explain it but put it in ur hand between 2 fingers an 2 fingers on the otherside an inhale through ur hand an make a lityle hole or crack in ur hand for more airflow. Look up on utube how to use a chillum.
  5. I thought about doing that but I thought that was only for traditional chillums. The big ones made out of either stone, wood, or ceramic.
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    Idk I did it with my chillum back in the day. Was geat big hits. My chillum looked like urs too but diff colors an maybe a tad bit longer. An i think thinner glass.
  7. I actually just tried it and got amazing hits off it. Can't believe I haven't been smoking it like this the whole time. Thanks dude
  8. Yeah, no problem enjoy the chillum! Oh an the hand smell haha.

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