Traded "Dibs" Ice Cream For Small Nug

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MethMan, May 27, 2009.

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    So today I bought packed in some Dibs Icecream,only they were in a mini bag type thing instead of a carton so they're travel size and shit.So my buddy was just joking about how bad he wanted dibs so he wrapped up a little nug and in trade I gave him the Dibs:hello: (Which are like a 1.00$) a pack if sold individually....I laughed a bit when I looked at the nug later when I was out of school.Looked tasty.Yet to smoke it but thought Id share this small story with GC.Sorry if it was a let down :p Now off to fill my mp3 player with tunes!
  2. +rep for how inspiring that was!
  3. Dude if i was high and had the munchies i honestly think i would have traded the nug too for the dibs.
  4. gotta attend to your needs win win situation..
  5. wheres the after-smoke report?
  6. Me and Swim smoked it today this afternoon:hello: Was some good shit but we had to smoke some of his weed after that was a lil worse in quality but I can't complain

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