Trade my vape for a 360?!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ExplicitStoner, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Trade my 55$ shipped 2 jointed box-style ebay vaporizer for a custom modded xbox 360, that is perma-banned from live... but it can read burnt games... and comes with 2+wireless controllers.....

    Edit: I can pretty much burn any game and play it as long as i can find it ripped on the web.... Mucho-win?!...But no Live..... BUT I have ppl comeing over all the time wit not much to do, an it would give the guests some shit to play....

    I barely use my vape as i perfer my triple perc bong, BUT Should I hop on this or wat?! :smoking::D:D

    An I hope erryones having a good/high night:D;):smoking:!
  2. Fuck yeah, just order another vape bro fake.
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    Lol i dunno if i can find the dual vapes for 55 shipped anymore... might be wrong :smoking::smoking: but im telling you, the ebay ones hit just as good/better then the volcano....:D Ive tried both, the volcanos bags are cool, but just ='s stale vape o_O after about a minute.. lol
    EDIT: They ARE still on ebay for 48$ shipped... I think ill do the trade, an just buy a new one if i start to miss the old one... PLUS its got a minor crack (Cosmeticlol)

    ...And what do you mean fake?.... lolz
  4. ill trade you my 360 with 2 games and a controller for u vape. idk if ud be interested tho
  5. Transactions goin down tomo man, Sorry! :smoking::smoking::smoking:
    NTM You from the midwest ;):wave:
  6. yah ill probly just sell it on craigslist for $75 and buy a cheap vape and some bud. :smoking: have fun
  7. Haha the dual vaporizers on ebay for 50$ i gotta say, A damn STEAL if you ask me... Hits like wonders. and you can take my word for it :D... but the whips are VERY THIN and you will mostlikely BREAK BOTH OF THEM, and have to order some thicker ones from a glassblower on Ebay....

    An you too man you too.

    Why u getting rid of the xbox tho? D:
  8. I have a ps3 and i think its better. Plus dont pay for live so another $25 in my pocket which will porbably end up in my dealers. :smoking:

  9. Ahhh i see i see,
    Tbh ive always been an pc guy but my 110$ graphics card is now obsolete nowadays. =/
  10. Yah i couldn't get into pc gaming. It's like if i buy all of these games do i wanna risk downloading a lot of porn? Ha just kidding. Its more convienant to have a console system i think.

  11. 110 isnt that much for a graphics card. i paid 350 for mine when it was new now mine is obsolete now that is a killer. i can still run all the games on pretty much high settings except a few.

  12. Shit PC and power supply so i cant get quite a few of the cards due to space/wattage =/
  13. Ah video games are always gonna be turning obselete.
  14. Wonder which one will RROD first?

  15. What graphics card do you have lol? The Nvidia 8800GT can run (for me with a fully maxed out PC) literally any game on the steam marketplace without any problems with graphics on full. Except sometimes Battle Field Bad Company 2 :) And it only cost about $100

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