Tractor or something you drive to harvest

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  1. Can people please post links to machines that you can use to harvest fields of marijuana ? Looking for something that maybe separates the top coals from the plant in the process also ? really would appreciate it. Hope everyone has a great week !

    Sincerely 3000

    Or if anyone just has information .. thanks !
  2. [​IMG]
    It'll do the job but nobody will buy your smashed, mutilated buds.
    Hand harvesting and trimming remains the best way for whole flower harvesting.

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  3. Can you post pictures of the fields of marijuana you need to harvest?
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  4. Are you crazy op?
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  5. I'll come to you....wherever that may be....and harvest your bud for you......but I have to get free smoke.....board and housing and meals.......and I might be there for a while:love-m3j:
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  6. Well, I didn't wake up this morning thinking I would be researching heavy equipment. But here I am.

    (Hemp harvesting)

    Sounds like a great grow!!! By any chance, are you with Canopy Growth or Aurora cannabis?

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    Equipment van HempFlax!

    If using Google Chrome, look on the top right corner of browser for drop-down translate to English. Or use the website provided translation tool which is also in the top-right corner with the English emblem.

    Pamphlet: - Groenoord Double Cut Combine Prospectus.pdf

    In conclusion, these machines are being used on industrial farms for hemp harvesting. I've watched the videos I have shared and they seem to pulverize the plant. That is good for making Hempz lotion but not so much for thc flowers because the buds will most likely be damaged and will not be traditionally 'manicured'.

    Would be interesting to see the cost difference between ascertaining a machine like this as opposed to hiring a group of migrant workers for the season. It might be cheaper in the long run unless you are affiliated with a corporation like I mentioned earlier (aurora, canopy growth)
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  8. Just wondering how if someone growing
    A lot of plants in a field could harvest them to make concentrates from all of it.
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  9. Unfortunately no one took the question seriously lol until you !
  10. Sounds like you need a consultant. If you really had fields you would have thought about this already.

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  11. What would the consultant do that the people who are doing it couldn’t do with all there knowledge combined ?
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  12. Are you afraid of some work?
    Ide never pay to bulldoze my buds. XP just a dumb ol indoor grower tho
  13. I understand your curiosity......OP. Many people here will try to tell you why you are wrong, or aren't doing it correctly.....take the info that's useful and use it to aid your research......leave the behind.:passing-joint:
  14. I know a guy who did grow a field of it, used a tractor with side sickle bar to cut it at bottom, but they still had to gather it up to hang in barn, he made a lot of money that year, sad thing is the next year there was weed growing in that field and some of the people who he had working for him got caught, because some of the weed did get pollinated and drop seeds. But he rented the farm for a year and let it go and thought it was a success, but the people who got caught all turn state evidence against him in the court of law. He lived in Ohio and rented a farm in Pennsylvania. And brought the weed back to Ohio and that made it a federal crime transporting from state lines, this happened 30+ years ago and mark did 10 years in Pennsylvania federal pen. But he did invest money in a alias name and when he got out of prison he did have a lot of money still and his parents had some rentals that he bought for them. True story when he came by to party he would have a briefcase full of coke and would just put it on the table and everybody had a good time. Today Mark lives in Athens county and he's an electrician. And owns rental properties.
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  16. I use compact tractors for harvesting, since my farm is not that big, but I don't want to work manually, so I bought such a tractor.

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