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  1. Hey gang, So just the other day my girlfriend received a bunch of paperwork and information on her biological mother. I was hoping this would bring here some sort of closure, but now she's left with even more unanswered questions.

    Well we want to find her mother, but I have no clue where to start, anyone ever done something like this?
    any tips would be highly appreciated
  2. I'm interested in this as well, I've been trying to find my biological parents for a while now.
  3. we have her social security number, name, and a few other bits of info.

    but it appears she moved around a lot and we arent sure if shes still in california or what.
  4. maybe a private investigator? or maybe google her and try to find her? idk just giving some options that may be good or just suck
  5. Facebook her
  6. we tried the obvious, google and facebook. we came up empty so its possible she could have remarried and changed her last name.
  7. help me out friends
  8. Maybe its for the better you dont?
  9. i really dont know but i subscribe
  10. Social security number is a start..
    Can't you take these little pieces of info into the police station and they can find where shes at in the system?

    I want to know what happens
  11. Wait ask the government. See if you can get any records on her from the police station. Try getting a background check. Im not sure how you can get background checks but i know its possible for the norml person.
  12. Google...All you need is a name, general location, and age.:cool:
  13. I was thinking about the police station, but im sure they cant release any info, plus I hate cops.

    i thought about the background check but then, im worried she will find out more stuff about her mother and yea probably not good
  14. Well, if you're looking for her shes probably going to find out anyway, so
  15. how about a credit check? does that tell you a current address or recent address

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