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Track 7 Tony Hawk 2

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by livin_large609, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. Hey i was wondering if anyone knew what track seven on tony hawk 2 is called. I really wanna know who sings it.

  2. the only track i know from that game is called "The Boy Who Destroyed the World" by AFI.

    best band in the god damned world.

    there's a track listing in the back of the booklet, i remember. i don't own the game though so i can't tell you.
  3. I got really excited I thought you were talking bout 3, i had to double check you said 2..

    on 2 its millencolin, no cigar

    :) i dig millencolin, take it or leave it and 22 are good tunes

  4. t-hawk 3 ill game..... im hooked on tiger woods golf 2003 now.... not as good music, but...........ummmmm

  5. shut up
    grab a cup
    kegger size
    lotsa limez
    juice, soco
    get loco

    smoke dank& repeat.

  6. been there done that... less cohierant then ever....:)

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