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  1. hey guys in one of my curing jars i have very small amounts of white mold in only half the jar. what should i do and how bad is it to would be a shame to throw it out.please help me out here. thanks guys
  2. Separate any good bud from that immediately. Clean the jar with a bleach and water
    combo and then put the good bud back in there.

    If I were you, I'd make some QWISO hash from that moldy bud. You can get the trichomes
    off of it and kill all the mold. Better than just throwing the bud. Smoking bud with mold
    on it can cause all kinds of lung issues.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. it only on the stems and u can hardly see it. i guess i caught it early. im making a bunch of qweso with the stressed plants and kind of wanted to save my better nugs.
  4. mm mold is no good dont smoke it i had moldy bud a while ago just when you smoke it gives a nasty taste
  5. funny as fook everyones advice is to throw it away...dont smoke it...bad for u...
    i say smoke it n get high dude. u know u want to.i bet ur def not gonna chuck dem mouldy fat ass buuds away lol:p
  6. Yeah great idea lets smoke it...I'd say call your local hospital, and have them reserve you a room for a few days :D Inhailing mold spores into your lungs sounds like a party.

    Seperate the good/mouldy buds. Clean the jar, check all your buds very well. Put the good buds out to dry for another day because its obvious they went in with too much moisture, or weren't burp properly, and the jars were too full. I keep my jars 1/2-3/4 full, burp 4 times a day for 10 minutes during the initial week of curing, then cutting the times per day through the next 4 weeks.
  7. yep u ded right i wuz just bored n thought of sommit stupid to say next to all the sound advice n info on this forum. take no notice of me........
    hey i got my first grow about to b harvested n will b postin it up soon no bull this time;)
  8. HAHA sounds good bud!
  9. Im going to post a picture and you can all see what Im working with. It would be a sin to waste this goodness.
  10. This problem should have already been taken care of. Keeping the mold on them will lower the possibility that you can save them.
  11. Theres no mold on them at all. I took out the few nugs that had small white spots on it. They just dont smell very good.

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