trac-lite or more bulbs?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gypsyjoker, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. I have a 4ft x 10ft x 5.5ft area. At the moment I am only using a 4x4x5.5 portion of the space.I have opted to grow by the scrog method due to the 5.5 ceiling hight.I use a 400wsvb and this works fine, with an average yield of 5oz of bud from 4 plants.I want to use more of this space to increase my prodution.The guy at the grow light store says that I must buy another lighting system(a second 400w or a 1000w buld)as opposed to a trac-lite that can be extended from 6 to 10 feet.He says that even though the light covers a larger area that it will not allow me to grow more bud because the light is not directly over the plants at all times.........
    now my ?-is he right when he says that this method will not increase my yields?
    now ?2-if this is true then what is the purpose of trac-lites?
    by the way a trac-lite will cost me $170 and the new light would run me $260
    any thoughts would be a great help.....I think he's just bullshitijn me in order to make more of the "All Mighty Buck"
  2. Good to see you here at the boards. We appericate your first post not being something like "can I use a blacklight to grow bud" as we get a lot of that here. So kudos.....

    Anyways man, I've done a lot of thinking about the light rail systems myself and this is what I've come up with. Their must be some truth to what the dude at your local shop was saying. I'm a huge fan of cannabis culture and the brand new grow america magazine. I've seen some huge grows in thoose magazines and I've also seen like 28k watt grows on the internet. In every one of thoose huge grows I've seen I've never ever ever seen any of them using light rails.

    What I get from this personally is that these grows are trying to produce highest qaulitity buds in the highest quanititys possible. And if they're not using lighting rails that it must take away from the qaulitity or quanitity of the bud.

    Just my 2 cents, no facts to back it up. Just stoned observations.
  3. rails are used when energy costs are a consern. they do cover a larger aera for the watts used. as the heat from the light is moving the light can be hung lower making the most of a low celing and making the most of the light to the plants, same as a cool tube does. they do work well in sog or scrog setups.

    but if heat or watts aint a problem go with the multi light set up becuse it is what the light rail is trying to do, but it can never quite do it aswell.
  4. tnx for the reply shorty. I have seen those big op's in all the mags also and agree that i have never seen the tracs either.
    but my need to explore this is cost driven,the extra electic costs and then the need to install more fans for heat is prohibative to me.
    tnx thug you hit the nail on the head.What i have decided is to go with the trac and increase it to 6 plants instead of 4.
    hopefuly this will increase my yield to between 7 or 8 oz.'s
    this is what i need in order to meet my needs as this is for medical reasons.
    tnx again to everyone....will keep you posted as to how it go's
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