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Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by joe 60, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Cool stuff Joe, I love experiments like that. It's always good to have hard data on various techniques. Yeah, I'm thinking of supplementing with some warm white led strips on the sides in the future.
    Anyway, please go into detail on how you will cut each plant for the experiment!

  2. I hear ya man that's the most satisfying part of growing. It's therapeutic and I love nothing more than to share some good quality herb with people who need it, or otherwise couldn't afford it. I spend quite a bit of time smoking with a good friend of mine's father, who's disabled and can't work. He likes when I come by because he has someone to talk to and I share plenty of good pot with him, and I enjoy listening to him.
    Nice buds by the way, looking great bet it's going to be a lovely smoke.
  3. Joe teach me your ways, I think you could help me a lot, I only have one kola that looks like urs, the rest are about the size of golf balls maybe bigger maybe smaller! Teach me! Please!
    I will do my best my friend :smoke:
    there could be a few reasons why your buds are like golf balls, most likely down to the strain as ww gives you a lot of small dank buds but as your canopy is full of bud sites you my may be surprised how much bud you have when it been chopped and dried
    will be taking so clones tonight and posting walkthrough guide
  5. Thanks man, I think I'm going to let my 2 clones grow till they are almost touching the light ,then top them maybe in half to have my 4 plants then when I have them all rooted and growing well move the into my dwc and set up my new nets.

    I'm going to set up 2 400w lights on either side of my room, this should make it easier to train all of the plant under the net, since It would leave me space to work between the plants where I couldn't reach before!
    you going to have to rinse the roots off when they go in the dwc as you don't want the coco in the buckets
    I would also use a filter to stop any bits getting in the the pump, if you are going to using one
    when I used to grow in dwc, I would root the clones in rock-wall with a ph of 5.8 and keep the ec very low 0.5-0.8
    till you have some thick white roots and raise it up to about 0.8-1 you want the ec to drop as this does no damage to the roots and keeps them white and healthy, also keeps the plants growing at a constant speed, you can see a difference every day
    the key thing with dwc is to have no light in the buckets and get a big air pumps to push loads of air throw the roots
    but as the air pumps do raise the temps you also need to keep the temps in range as the higher the temps the less oxygen
    the water can hold, keeping the ec low also means you don,t need as much water
    trying to remember the water temps, its something like min 64 max 75 so about 70f is great
    just basic nutes like ionic grow and bloom work great for me
    just kept it simple and got some really good results
  7. Ya I was planing on soaking the root mass and coco in a ph water bucket till it all soaks and separates then just rinse the roots as I pull them from the coco water
  8. can't you use some rockwall, will do the same as coco but works great in dwc
  9. I guess I could, its just that I already have them in the coco, I will look into that next time

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