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Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by joe 60, Jun 6, 2013.

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    will look at your journals later, should be a good read as I love growing big bushy plants :smoke:

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    2 clones have roots :) really did not expect this for another
    week as the temps went upto 35c under the t5

    as I need the humidity high I can't have any type of airflow
    now 2 clones have roots, hope some more clones root in the next week
    just checked them again and found a small root on two more clones
    so I have 4 rooted clones out of 6 so far
    not bad in less than 10 days
  3. some pic's of my clones, They will still need a day or two for the roots to grow before i pot them up but it a good start
  4. I have checking on the clones every day and now all 6 clones have good strong white roots and green stems (no red or puple stems)

    so time to re pot in next day or two
  5. just an update of how the clones are looking
    really thought there would be a lot more roots at this stage and be ready for potting up in soil,
    but I will still pot them up in soil tomorrow and give them a week to settle in under a twin t5 tube :)
  6. I only kept 4 clones but all 6 rooted and are really healthy, They even carried on growing :yay:
    trying them in some small pots before I re-pot them in a 2ltr pots

    4.JPG 1.JPG

    3.JPG 2.JPG

  7. can you do the tpt on seedlings or does it have to be clones for the maturity of them? I got seeds going right now but wanna try it on one compared to a single topped at same node
  8. it works well on both seedling and clones
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    If you could put some pic's up I do my best to help you, its a little difficult at first
    and the timing is very important, as a fan leave growers a node starts to grow above it

    so the ideal is the if you remove the top two fan leaves, the top part of the plant slows down and lower nodes catch up to give a bushy plant
  10. thats cool ill get a pic when im home..they're only like 3 weeks old though but was gonna top em after transplant anyways
  11. Hey did you use two 600s or did you veg mh and flower hps

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  12. hi awh welcome to grass city
    on my last grow I used a 250w mh in veg and 2 light in flower,  600w mh and a 600w hps from day one in flower till harvest
  13. Thanks brother
  14. Lst after topping once at the 5th internode. Works great done anddone.
    man I look at your plants and journals, its like you veg indoors and flower outside, I can see why your a bush master :smoke:
    Lst after topping once at the 5th internode is the way i have done it many times in the past
    what do you think about tpt 2 plants and top the other 2 plants, take pic's every two so we can see the difference between tpt and topping
  16. Im kinda stuck in my ways and methods hehe if someone else wants to experiement that would be cool to see
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    I do enjoy playing around with my of my plants, so a experiment would be good fun
    so when the plants gets to the 5th node its game on :smoke:
  18. Joe, my buds are like condensed farts. I want them to be less like that and more like the ones you got over there in the pictures. Wat do?
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    my friend
    The only way you could get some good dank bud is with a stronger light
    I have never used leds but have used hps/mh for flowering
    even a 150w hps should give you some dank bud,
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    TPT vs Topping
    I have 4 plants under a twin t5 lights, 5th day in veg
    4 plants.jpg
    so I want to start by talking about the 4 plants
    In the first week of veg I take a close look at all the plants and pick the best plants, as I want to top two and TFT the other two and want it to be as fair as possible
    so what do i look for ?
    1:  thick green stem is the most important thing
    2:  you want a few healthy nodes (round an inch long with a good size fan leave attached)
    3:  a few large fan leaves
    plant 1: score is 3 out of 3, for this stage in veg a perfect plant
    so this plant will be great for topping and TPT  (The best plant by far)
    plant 2: thin purple stem with a few small nodes and small fan leaves so I will have to wait a few days for the nodes to grow and hope the stem turns green ( this plant 4th as its not good)
    plant 3: The plant has a thick green stem and a couple of small nodes so its good and comes in 3 place
    plant 4: this plant is good, she has a good thick green stem, lots of nodes (a little small) and a few fan leaves so in  4-5 see will be great for topping/TPT
    as 3 plants out of the 4 plants are not ready I will give them 4-5 days more and start the experiment
    I would use the best plant (plant 1) and the weak plant (plant 2) for the TPT
    and plant 3 and 4 for the topping to keep this experiment as accurate
    as I can.
    I think that covers it for now but if I have missed anything out or anyone's got any question
    feel free to to ask any questions

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