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    removing a few top fan leaves in veg, starting when the plant has 5 sets of fan leaves.
    This slows the top growth and removing a set of fan leaves does not stress the plant much
    but as a result the stems grow thicker and node spacing is a lot less than it would have been,
    the plant may not have grown much in height but the plant will have lots of main tops within 7-14 days.
    fim and topping the plant reacts different imo the buds are not as large as the main single bud would have been but with TPT all the main buds grow large :)
    chech my havest out, 4 plants 45 days in flower 12/12 grown in organic soil
    with bio bizz nutes so the buds are dank
    grown under a 600w hps and  600w mh in 14ltr buckets


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  2. Nice!!!so how much did you harvest?
  3. not sure as I havest the crop last night
    got rid of all the fan leaves and had 387g of
    trim and airy buds to make some bubble hash :)
  4. yummy dude wish lived under circumstances where i could have my own grow
  5. I enjoy growing lots of high qualty dank bud more than smoking it,
    my ideal job would be to move somewhere I can grow legal and grow medical grade weed to improve a few people lives
    would realy like to do this on a big scale :)
    I give a lot of my weed away to couple of friends and my mum,
    they have a lot of back problems, trapped nerves, and crubling spines
    the meds the doctors give them often cause many long term problems so they would end needing more drugs from the doctors
    but the weed helps to reduce the pain and reduce the amount of drugs needed so they have a higher qualty of life
    I live in the uk and the qualty of weed is bad, most cash croppers give you wet unweight weed for £12.50 a gram
    grow in hydro and played with, even seen weed with glass in :(
    rub it between your fingers (thc does not feel like sand)
  6. What's that superthtive stuff
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    They sell it in hydro shops as a concentrated growth enhancer, don't think it works
    just like most the booster, just a wast of money don't think it makes any diffence to my yeild
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    most of the weed is dry so its time to trim the and bag it up
    helps the bud dry more even :)
    after 12 hours I will put the buds on the trays for 12 hours to dry again and then 12 hours in the bags so the buds go soft,
    then back on the trays for 12 hours
    keep doing this cycle for a few days so I get buds that are only just dry (best smoke and tast)
    just like fresh tobaco is good and if it drys out it tast like crap
    weeds no diffent
    my 4 bags of dank bud, each bag is full of bud from one plant
    each plant will give you a diffent yeild and smoke, so I don't want to mix it up
    also I have cuttings from all 4 plants, so I can grow more of the bud if I get some real high qualty dank bud
    all 4 plants are grown from reg seed (started with 18 seeds)
    10 plants ended up being male
    4 plants grow tall with strech nodes and 4 looked good
    so now I just have to find the best out the 4 plants
    and then I will have my mother plant
    I have kept loads of pic's at all stages from seeds to havest if anyone want's to see them
  9. They look the same as plants I fim and scrog
  10. yeh they would take well to fim and scrog, good way of growing
    just don't like the flower room being used to veg a plant for 3 weeks, to fill the screen
    and all that extra heat and electria, its not for me
    but often I will repot the plant, pull the sides down, veg for a week (lst and drop a screen over the canopy)
    flower and it fills most the screen, looks just like a scrog but with no added veg time in the flower room :smoke:
  11. yea i dont scrog much anymore so ill try it next flower..I lollipop and defoliate a little already so ill try it you scrog a week under a screen then flower?
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    The way I grow my plants is to get them realy bushy in veg and pull the sides down so within a week I can fill the screen
    here my 8 plants 2 weeks before flower

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  13. How long do you veg for?
  14. How long do you veg for?
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    just before I put the plants into flower I take cuttings
    takes about two weeks to root and 4-5 weeks in veg and when I havest the plant put the next lot in flower after taken cuttings
    if I used a lot of plants I would root and veg for 2 weeks TPT the  top set of fan leaves after the plant has 3 sets of fan leaves , veg for a week more and flower
    the plant will  bushes out loads and unlike topping and fim the plant will keep growing (lower growth)
    to give you lots of top bud sites in flower
  16. I will be taking cutting tonight from my plants in flower and using the next 8 weeks to root and get the plants ready for flower.
    will put some pictures up of how I take cutting and keep them heathy over the next 2 weeks till they root
    and when they get 4-6" tall i should be able to TFT and a week later I will top them and get 8 main tops on each plant (in about  6 weeks)
  17. yesterday I just got round to taking the cutting, the temps in the veg room are round 28-32  which is a bit high, so the cutting may take 3 weeks to root
    I have 3 diffent plants and taken 2 cutting from each plant and tagged them 1,2,3
    so I know what plant the cutting was taken from
    I have two trays, top one has holes in and bottom one holds all the runoff and keeps the humidty high
    so when the cutting dry out I pour 250ml of water into  the tray and in about 5 mins the water drains into the lower tray so non of the clones can sit in any water for long but the clones get a good soak
  18. I use LST with great success only topping once on a plantifitneeds it.. my biggest plant so far has pulled 7 pounds outdoors, going for 10 pluplus thisyear from one. NOR cal love.
    sound great, I live in built up area in england so if I tryed growing a plant out side I would get raided  :(
    but could you train your plants for a mouth indoors before the plant goes outside so you get load of top nodes and then you would have a lot larger bushy plant ?
    get load of bamboo and lst the plant so you pull the canopy open as much as you can and let the sun do the rest :)
  20. been outside since March using supplemental lighting till June, i use horti trellis and bamboo poles, i start in January indoors and u look atmy journals youcan see I am a bush master. :-D

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