Toysoja genetics Crazy Glue photos, Moabs Deez Nugs auto.

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  1. We have two photoperiod Crazy Glue and one auto Deez Nugs.
    0722192242.jpg 0722192242a.jpg
    Crazy Glue#1&2 above growing in 3 gallon Ez swap pots, fed Bud Bread by Cold War Organics with tap water. I do not ph or test ppms. Auto Deez Nugs is in a 7gallon fabric pot. Will post pics when it sprouts.
    I will be using Lst and scrog. No topping. This is my first grow with 600 watts of Led. I have grown everything in the past under a 95 watt Hlg 100v2 and a 100 watt blurple. Here's a pic of my last pure Thai sativa under 200 watts at the start of flower.
    Join me in seeing what I can do with all the extra watts!
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  2. nice :)
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  3. You running under lights?
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  4. two Leds. I gotta get another picture of the tent. apparently it's too big to upload.
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  5. I'm guessing about 400-500 watt blurple from my buddy @moabfighter and one Hlg 100v2
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  6. Under will mess with weaker branches that aren't getting enough over head light. I'd put that up on like a bucket or something and get more side penetration.
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  7. This is my previous scrog before I lost power for a while and everything died. 0617190056.jpg
  8. Can’t wait man. You’re gonna like that cross a lot. Deez nugs x white widow or deez nugs x gorilla glue. One of the two it is for sure.
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  9. Perpetual harvest. This is going to be my first try at it.
  10. Ethos Purple Sunset photo.
    1029191656.jpg Crazy Glue
    1024192109b.jpg 1023192101.jpg

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