Toys R Us Stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoned Antics, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but anyway..
    I was recently hired at Toys r Us and I had stopped smoking for a good month or so beforehand just in case I was tested after the interview. Well, I went to my first day on the the job a few days ago and I was never tested so I toked up that night (Possible stupid choice lol). Anyway, my question is: do you think I will still get a DT even though I've already started working? I've been looking online and it looks pretty split between if toys r us even drug tests in the first place but all the people who got tested say they got tested before they were hired...
    Sorry for rambling I'm just being a little paranoid and wanted some other opinions lol.
  2. Important question. Does Toys R Us have marshmellow guns?
  3. Nah if you weren't tested before, you won't be after. Each store probably sets its own policy on if they drug test or not, depending on the state and its laws. I'm sure it says in your contract you may be randomly dt'ed, but unless you get promoted or make them suspicious, you should be fine. Toke on and don't worry :D
  4. They won't test you again, but quit before Christmas. Trust me.

    Worst first job ever.
  5. I thought u were gonna talk about a "stoners R Us" idea haha
  6. you should fog out one of those little house things, ive always wanted to do that lol
  7. they still got the hello kitty bedspread..... cuz my niece wants one.
  8. Half of the other people working there looked stoned when I was there anyway lol. :smoke:
  9. Ahh man Toys R Us sounds like it'd be fun when your high, no matter how old you are. Have you ever been to a bed store when your high? It's like heaven laying on all the beds.
  10. Funny, how people ate asking him about there inventory„ ^_^
  11. Yeah seriously, considering I've only worked there for a total of about 4 hours.. And the majority of that was spent filling out paperwork and stuff in the break room lol.
  12. I've never heard of a place testing right after you're hired. If they were going to test you and possibly not hire you based on drug usage, they would've tested you before paying you for training. I'm guessing you'll be absolutely fine.
  13. Is it a permanent position, because if it isn't they won't test but if it is they will. I was hired on as seasonal, but once that was over and they wanted me for a permanent part time position they told me I'd be tested. I didn't even like the job anyway... Too much bullshit.

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