Toxoplasma Gondii

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    Are brain parasites. Anybody here in the city ever have these before? I'm kind of suspicious that I may have them and I would like to hear from a previous victim to see what their symptoms were like.
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    Sound like you?


    ^ Nasty little buggers
  3. Not so much. I have been having frequent head pains that come and go that are limited to the right side of my head. Last night and the night previous around 12:00-12:30 midnight, I was watching youtube videos with those skull candy headphones in, the kind that go inside your ears, and whenever there was no video playing I could hear a scratching sound, almost like something was scratching against the inside of my skull. Eye pressure and ear pain accompanied the noise. It would start for a few seconds, and then stop, and it continued but I couldn't bear to listen any longer so I took the headphones off.

  4. Get new headphones.

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