Toxicity or deficiency?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kanaripower, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Hello guys
    Could you help me out please?
    Is this nut toxicity or def.?
    IMG_20190810_143554.jpg IMG_20190810_143603.jpg
    If so, what is it.?
  2. Its pretty hot here as well, could it be heat stress? I am aware that she might be a bit over-watered as its +35°c
  3. Looks a little like led light burn? Maybe?
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  4. Its outdoors, could be sun burn though
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  5. What are you growing in as far as soil? Do you pH your water and feeds?

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  6. Baad pH causing lockouts of certain nutes... I would say start with Cal/mag deficiency, but some of your growth is oddly shaped which leads me to pH....
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  7. I do Ph them, and i never had an issue so far... How much should be the ph then? I run normal soil with perlite
  8. Screenshot_2019-08-10-14-54-35.png
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  9. When the question of deficiency or toxicity comes up its mostly because of ph lol.. i had this problem before those white spots show cal-mag def possibly due to nute-lockout.. try this ph your water to 6.0 water until runoff.. then check runoff it will probably be differ... flush until you get a runoff of around 6-6.5, give it a light feed then back to normal feed schedule gluck
  10. Did you post this in another thread like a week ago?
  11. i think I did, to sick plants.
    She kinda looks better, I think the heatwave was the issue, but I gave her water with a pH of 7
  12. That is high ph for soil. What I would do is let the soil dry out and before you water do a slurry test. You will need distilled water, a cup, and you ph test kit.
    Dig into the soil about an inch and grab some dirt. Put it in the cup mix 2:1 of water:soil then let that sit for about 15 min. And then test. This will give you a mesurment of what your souls p.h. is, then you will know how to adjust your solution going in to correct the issue.
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  13. thanks mate, I never heard of this!
    I will definitely try this trick out:D thanks for the advice!
  14. So when ur soil is dry ready to water or feed, do this
    Take a large shot glass of soil from ur plant and the same amount of distilled water and put in a cup. Stir around. Than put one meter in and get a reading. Than the other. So that will give u the true pH of ur soil. The ppms will tell u if ur plants are eating ur feeds or if they are hungry. So if I get a reading of 350 or under I feed. If it's over 350 i water. It's just that simple

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  15. I would say ph issue if your giving the correct ratios of base nutrients. Next time you water, water from the top of the pot, and use the pH pen to check the run off water that's left in the tray. 6-6.5 is what your aiming for. If it's + or - adjust your feed accordingly by the same amount and it will solve the problem. Continue to pH at 6 - 6.5 thereafter.

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